Since the age of nine, I have attended Croydon High School (an independent day school for girls aged 2-18). Having moved from a mixed school to a single school, it took some time to adapt! However, looking back, it was the best decision I ever made!

I spoke to some of my peers to ask their opinion about single sex schools. I was not surprised that we were all in agreement about the advantages of going to a single sex school. So without further ado, here are five reasons why I’m grateful for going to an all girl’s school:

1 – Having a bad hair day? Who cares! You most certainly won’t be the only one and no one will judge you because of it.

2 – Distractions? What distractions?! Instead of focusing on your crush in class, you can focus on what’s actually important... the work!

3 – Although it may seem stereotypical, boys and girls learn in different ways. By having a class of just girls (or boys), teachers can use learning techniques to suit them specifically. That way, it is more effective.

4 – Sadly, we can’t look our best every day! One of my peers, Hannah Lipczynski commented “In a single sex girls feel a lot less self conscious about their looks and feel more comfortable just being themselves.”

5 – Having attended a mixed school before, to me the advantage is clear...single sex schools are a lot less stressful! Friendships are stronger without the interference of the opposite sex; the students care more about their education than looking their best every day and have fewer distractions!