Young Reporter: Katie Jones Gumley House School

On Saturday 22nd November a girl, India, and her mother were jogging with their dog, Bernie, and their new puppy, Tilly, along the toe-path near Kew Bridge. Tilly ran ahead and around the next corner. India heard her howling and sprinted after her with her mum. Tilly had slipped down the steep embankment into the river below, managing only to scramble out of the water onto the bank below. Unable to climb up after many failed attempts, she had started to whine and howl- attracting India's attention. Their other dog also was in a state of distress, pacing along the top of the wall and howling. India's mother ran to get some help as the wall was too high to reach down towards the puppy alone;she came back with a whole crowd of people to help. Together, after much debate, they formed a human chain in an attempt to rescue the fallen dog, but unfortunately could not get to her because the puppy was so frantic that she would skirt any attempt to near her. A man eventually took initiative and a woman's scarf and managed to lasso the puppy below and pull her up the slippery wall. The shocked Tilly was greeted with many hugs and kisses from her relieved family, Bernie included. After the incident Tilly showed no signs of trauma and India said, "It was so scary, I didn't know what I would have if we hadn't saved her, I love Tilly so much!"