Recently in assorted parks in Fulham, there have been a series of acts of vandalism. The attacks are aimed at statues around Bishops Park and Fulham Cemetery. The vandals have been beheading various statues and completely severing others from their pedestals. No one knows why this has occurred and the local police and park keepers are asking for any witnesses or information about the destruction.

It is an especially confusing case as the perpetrators seem to have attacked almost random statues. One statue in the graveyard of All Saints Church has already been replaced after a theft two years ago. Originally made of bronze, the resin replica has now been decapitated. Hammersmith and Fulham Council find themselves in the difficult decision of whether to restore the damaged statues now or wait for the mystery to be solved in the hope that it won’t happen again.

Not only are the attacks appearing to be unsystematic but very precise. Most acts of vandalism are very destructive and tend to be chaotic. However, these are almost surgical in their accuracy. The heads of the sculptures were not completely destroyed but carefully removed and originally laid on the floor. Luckily the heads were not taken so there is a possibility of restoration.

There are a few possible reasons for this attack. The main ideas are as an act against the council or the church. It could be a religious protest against Christianity as some sculptures are of Mary and Jesus or angels. Although, it may be a protest against the council as it causes lots of disruption and money to sort and fix. However, it may simply be an act of vandalism to gain attention and cause commotion. It is an unusual mystery that must be solved to save the remaining park statues from meeting the same fate.

By Mary Beaty, Richmond Park Academy