In Well Woods of Lime Tree Walk, there have been some new creations appearing over the recent weeks. The walkers of Well Woods have been astonished by the new creations added to our beautiful woodland. However, the question is ‘Where have they come from?!’

Over the past few weeks, this is a question that is often heard from the mouths of dog walkers. From day to day, there have been advances made on these beautiful pieces of art. There are all kinds of artistic creations made out of soft wood. These include sculptures of owls, bears and even benches with animals carved into them.

These sculptures come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are even carved into trees! They are truly beautiful and are a great asset to what is already a beautiful woodland that Bromley is very proud to have.

Now, we are lucky enough to have some hand crafted sculptors to add to the beautiful landscapes. However, who knows if we will ever know who has created such magnificent pieces of art?

Would you like to know? Or do you believe it should stay a mystery...just like Banksy.

Katie Harris