On Saturday 14th March at about 3pm, a double decker bus was making its way to Twickenham Stadium to collect fans from the Six Nations: England v Scotland match.

The route used by the driver, who according to an on-scene paramedic “Was used to driving a H37 (single decker) bus”, involved covering the length of St. John’s Road, Isleworth.

It is unknown whether the driver chose this route himself or was instructed to use it, but the results were catastrophic.

The top deck of the bus collided with the low-hanging railway bridge that cuts over the top of St. John’s Road, almost completely removing the roof of the bus and shattering all of the windows on the top deck.

Fortunately the bus was carrying no passengers at the time.

The bus halted on the other side of the bridge, where it remained for over three hours before being towed away.

Police cars were parked at either end of one of Isleworth’s main roads to prevent traffic from using it and a Network Rail van was called out immediately to inspect the bridge.

It has been confirmed that the bridge is still safe for use, but this is not the first time that an event like this has occurred in Isleworth.

In previous years –amongst other events- a lorry became stuck inside the bridge, being unaware that there was a height restriction.

As a result of the accident on Saturday, some of the buses on the St. John’s Road route were cancelled and others were diverted.

Every time one of these accidents occurs, residents of Isleworth become ever firmer in their belief that the bridge is not signposted well enough.

Black and yellow warning stripes in addition to a height restriction sign adorn the top of the bridge, but there is no advance warning for drivers.

How many accidents will it take to provoke a response from the council?

Surely in the run-up to a general election incidents like these should be dealt with at greater speed?

By Catriona Cheek, Gumley House Convent School