Residents are celebrating as planters blocking off roads to through traffic are set to be removed across Sutton.

Sutton Council will propose the removal of its LTN's on Thursday, following a High Court judgement against Sadiq Khan.

The LTN, a set of road barriers to reduce through-traffic, was brought in under Covid-19 emergency transport measures and has received mixed feedback.

Sutton Council obtained funding from Transport for London (TfL) to launch the trials last autumn, which caused uproar across the borough.

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Your Local Guardian:

In a statement online, the council said they followed the guidance issued by TfL, run by the Mayor, when introducing its trial schemes.

They say they were made to introduce the schemes quickly without a proper consultation from residents.

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Transport Chair, councillor Manuel Abellan, said: “Since the recent High Court ruling on the Mayor of London’s Streetspace schemes, there has been no clear guidance on what councils should do next.

"In light of this, I will be recommending to councillors that we remove all the existing trial schemes.

Your Local Guardian:

“In future, the council will do things very differently - the Sutton way - for any area traffic improvements.

"There will be full consultation of the residents and businesses affected before schemes are launched with support for any ideas or schemes.

”The council has heard very clearly residents’ concerns about the Mayor of London’s mandated process to bring in experimental schemes.”

The recommendation to remove the trial schemes will be discussed by councillors at a Environment & Sustainable Transport Committee on February 11.

If agreed, the schemes would cease operating and be removed over the next few weeks.