MULTIPLE petitions urging Sutton Council to U-turn their Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes have been launched.

Sutton Councils Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes are being rolled out across the borough to encourage residents to switch to greener forms of transport.

A series of measures are being introduced as part of the schemes including; Bollards, speed humps, double yellow lines, greening of streets, additional seating, cycle parking, 20mph speed limits, signage and road closures. 

Hundreds of residents, including councillors have voiced their concerns about the proposed closures- stating they will increase journey times, traffic levels and pollution elsewhere.

Your Local Guardian:

In response, several petitions have been launched at the time of publishing:

- Ruskin Drive & Browning Avenue in Worcester Park - 1,415

- York Road Bridge by Sutton Conservatives - signatures not displayed

- The bridge between Butter Hill and Mill Lane- 330

- An overall petition called 'Sutton - Proposed Road Closures' -11

A paper petition for businesses within the Ruskin Drive area was positively received with a reported number of 45 signatures out of the 55 approached.

VickI who launched the petition said: "Over 1000 concerned residents have signed our online petition in the past 48 hours calling for the proposal to be stopped.

"If the part closure of Ruskin Drive and Browning Avenue goes ahead, it will have a negative impact on the residents of Worcester Park and the surrounding areas."

On August 4, we launched a poll which asked our readers what they thought of the proposed schemes.

Your Local Guardian:

270 out of the 297 readers who responded to the poll (at the time of publishing ) said the scheme would cause a disturbance.

27 out of the 297 readers who responded said they are happy about the schemes.

Readers described the proposed plans as, 'ill-thought', 'crazy' and 'diabolical.'

One reader added: "Get rid of the ridiculous social distancing cones and do something other than beating motorists."

Another said: "Not a very sensible move or helpful to pollution on main roads.

"More idling engines in the traffic jams and way more traffic through Carshalton beeches!"

Sutton Council provided a response to the 'overall petitions'.

"Sutton’s proposed Low Traffic Neighbourhoods include some experimental road closures for motor vehicles.

"The aim of these measures is to create a more pleasant environment to encourage people to walk and cycle, as well as reduce non-local traffic cutting through the area.

"Every resident living in these neighbourhoods will be able to drive on to their street and receive deliveries, and emergency services will be exempt.

"But this also means that residents will benefit from streets with less traffic, less noise, less speeding and better air-quality.

“These schemes are supported and funded by the Department for Transport and Transport for London and they have told the Council to draw up and implement the schemes as quickly as possible.

“As these are experimental closures, we will be asking residents during the trial period for their feedback on whether to continue, revise or end the schemes after six months.

"Because we know that sometimes new traffic measures can have knock-on effects, we will also use the trial period to assess these properly.

"We look forward to working with residents, community groups and councillors during this time.“