A series of protests have taken place in Worcester Park as residents continue to strengthen their fight against the 'ill-conceived' LTN schemes.

The LTN, a set of road barriers to reduce through-traffic, was brought in under Covid-19 emergency transport measures and has received mixed feedback.  

The controversial schemes which have been implemented across the UK, have seen local councils such as Wandsworth suspended it's LTN trials.

This week, Lewisham Council announced it would also rethink the scheme by "opening up" its first low traffic neighbourhood after surrounding roads saw a “major” surge in congestion.

In the past week, Worcester Park has seen protesters march through the high street, stand their ground by Browning Avenue, and place protest placards in shop windows.

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Through daily protests, residents hope to persuade the council to follow in other's footsteps as congestion, pollution and anger continues to build surrounding the schemes.

As stories emerge online of  emergency service vehicles having to U-turn by Ruskin Drive and Browning Avenue after being made unaware of the scheme.

Campaign spokesperson, Sebastian Fisher-Greene said: "The protest walk in Worcester Park was extremely well attended.

"We thought we would get about a dozen or so people, but over 100 people turned up and protested. All in their household groups which included children, the elderly and disabled.

"We received lots of support from passing vehicles and many shops took our banners and placards."

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Despite concerns, Sutton Council has continued to defend the schemes which were introduced to encourage residents to use more ‘active forms of transport’. 

A spokesperson said: "These proposals are based on concerns from residents about increasing traffic speeds and local roads being used as shortcuts.

"Many Sutton residents enjoyed the lower levels of traffic and improved air quality during the spring lockdown."

However, long before the schemes had arrived petitions had already gathered a large amount of support, opposing the scheme.

To date, the Worcester Park petition alone has gathered more than 3000 signatures with the online petition.

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Residents in Ruskin Drive and Browning Avenue have protested in both "rain and shine", until as late as 1.00 am to ensure further measures were not implemented at night.

Sutton Council issued a statement in response to the protests.

"We know some of the schemes have generated strong views both in favour and against and we respect resident's rights to demonstrate peacefully and make their views known.

"We understand many residents are unhappy that we haven’t been able to consult in our usual way in advance of implementation.

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"We are consulting over the whole six-month trial period though. We will be listening to resident views and suggestions and will amend or remove schemes where appropriate.

"We encourage everyone to have their say, whether for or against, using our online consultation pages."

In response, campaign spokesperson Sebastian said:

"Once again, the only part of this that is true is their desire to force people from their vehicles.

"We have asked the council to compare those in favour of the scheme against the 3000 strong that are opposed. They have been unable to provide this."

Plans are underway for further demonstrations. 

See more at www.keepbrowningopen.com