Excitement naturally builds in a community when a new restaurant comes to town and to be one of the first people to try it is a great honour.

One thing Sutton is not short of is restaurants and, on June 9, my parents and I tried Sutton’s newest addition: The Bun Club on Brighton Road.

After having tried The Encanto Kitchen, owned by one of the co-owners of The Bun Club, the bar had already been set high, as were our expectations.

Long story short: The Bun Club effortlessly channelled the charm and quality that made The Encanto Kitchen a standout.

We received a warm welcome from the co-owners Joe and Faisal, who joined forces to open up The Bun Club and were introduced to the gold and black interior.

We were taken to our, handed menus and given a few minutes to make our starter choices.

The extensive menu offers plenty of mouth-watering choices, and for our starters, and I enjoyed the club chicken tenders.

My starters were breadcrumbed chicken strips marinated in buttermilk, salt, pepper and smoked paprika, which were beautifully succulent, and it came with this chipotle sauce which was to die for.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

Not just the chipotle sauce, though.

As a great sauce enthusiast, I was eager to try The Bun Club’s sauces and I was far from disappointed, from the tangy top-secret burger sauce to the smoky barbecue sauce.

My mum enjoyed the lemon and garlic wings which came with a cool garlic mayo and were cooked to the perfect temperature, which I ended up sneaking some off her plate and putting on mine.

On to our main courses where we, surprisingly, had burgers.

When reading the menu, you almost feel full just imagining what you’ll feel like after having your burger.

I ordered the Texan Cowboy: buttermilk and breaded fried chicken with cheese, coleslaw, pickles, streaky bacon, and buffalo sauce (not a clue what that is).

One word: amazing.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

It really was one of the greatest burgers I’ve ever had, from the bun to the creamy carrot in the coleslaw.

My parents ordered the Cheese Burger which had beef, caramelised onions, pickles, their top secret burger sauce, and American cheese, and the Surf and Turf burger, which had butterflied king prawns cooked in garlic sauce with caramelised onions, fresh rocket, and that iconic burger sauce again.

They assured me it was delicious and you could easily tell from their facial reaction after that first bite.

In one of the only times of eating out, I had to skip dessert.

The burger filled us up to the internal brim and I left Sutton that evening knowing that I wouldn’t eat until the next morning (or even afternoon).

Overall, The Bun Club provided a fantastic experience, and I can safely predict that this burger joint will become a community favourite.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try Sutton’s latest addition to its great culinary scene.