Sutton is a town overflowing with restaurants, so when your original booking to one gets cancelled, you’re always able to go to another one not too far away.

That’s exactly what happened to me when the owners of the newly-opened The Bun Club had to cancel our planned evening, but they directed us to their other restaurant just up the road.

So, on June 2, my parents and I enjoyed an evening at the tapas restaurant The Encanto Kitchen on Brighton Road.

Quick summary: The Encanto Kitchen made our disappointment short-lived.

We received a humble welcome where staff led us through the unintimidating interior and were taken to our table, handed menus and given a few minutes to make our starter choices.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

The menu offers plenty of tapas choices and we enjoyed the BBQ ribs, Louisiana hot wings, honey-glazed halloumi, and Gambas Al Ajillo which are pan-fried king prawns cooked in garlic-infused olive oil with a touch of smoked paprika & sherry.

I’ve discovered that Joey Tribbiani from Friends would absolutely hate me since I am a massive fan of sharing food (by which I mean, enjoying others’ foods).

But that’s what stood out about Encanto Kitchen; you have to share your food to properly enjoy everything about the restaurant.

While I ordered the BBQ ribs, which had the smokiest sauce I’ve ever tasted, my favourite starter was my dad’s which was the honey halloumi.

Cheese and honey surprisingly go so well together.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

On to our main courses where we ordered the steak fajita, served on our table sizzling on a bed of onions and peppers and BBQ pork ribs.

Full rack of slow-roasted baby back ribs, marinated in their homemade Rib Rub and then smothered in that perfect BBQ sauce from earlier.

I'm a big sauce enthusiast, and there's nothing more satisfying than dipping or scooping my chips into that delicious BBQ sauce.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

It's pure bliss for me.

And, as usual, there’s always room for dessert, and we enjoyed the Madagascan cheesecake, churros, and vanilla gelato.

The Madagascan cheesecake had strawberry sauce drizzled over it and just thinking about it has my mouth watering.

The churros came with a warm chocolate sauce that I drizzled on my sugary churros and that would be the last thing I ate till breakfast the next day.

(Image: Ezekiel Bertrand)

Suffice it to say, I left Sutton that evening with a belly full of delicious food and low-key happy that I didn’t get to go to the Bun Club that day.

We received great service from Chloe, who was helpful and knowledgeable, and the assistant manager Milós, did a fantastic job running the evening without any chaos, even when the restaurant got busy.

Overall, The Encanto Kitchen provided a fantastic experience, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone eager to explore one of Sutton’s diverse culinary offerings, especially for those who wants to eat out with their families.