At the moment, there are many local single decker buses which transport school children two and from school.   But is it possible that we need more space to transport more people? Local buses such as 410, 407, 157 and others are popular


    This is a rather surreal picture. I find myself sat in an office at Portcullis House between two people who came from the same secondary school that I went to. But no, they are not my classmates. One of them is in fact the current MP for Tooting, the


    In light of the recent measles outbreak in Swansea, and the subsequent concerns it has raised, I took the time to find and research two contrasting views on the controversial MMR vaccine. Despite some parental concerns regarding speculation over negative


    38 Degrees- The UK’s largest online campaign site- has been campaigning for the use of pesticides to be banned, and the results are in… I interviewed Robin Priestly of the 38 Degrees team to find out more: 38 Degrees is a one hundred per cent member-funded

  • Recycling Fashions on Broadway

    Cheam Village’s little Broadway lies at the center of a large junction, giving way towards Wallington, Epsom, Banstead and Central London. In the relatively tiny village the vogue of well-known high street brands seems less than that of the emerging


    As the months go on by quickly, the first signs of summer are appearing. Flowers are blossoming, and the rare face of the sun appears from behind the clouds from time to time. We feel the occasional spells of warmth cast on us, but they usually don

  • Paris and Patisseries

    France. The home of the baguette, the brie, and the group of 30 or so French students, waiting with in trepidation for us to arrive, and stay with them for a week for our French exchange. French exchange are the two words that seem to divide the nation


    Teenagers have always followed the latest trends surrounding them, and the latest seems to be ‘being indie.’ Indie is a word that has many different meanings, depending on who’s talking.  The original meaning of the term comes from ‘independent record


    Living in a busy city like London, there are is a wide range of opinions about the public transport. Looking from a perspective of the smaller towns just on the suburbs of London the opinion is quite different.   These places are still considered


    The fashion of many young people is developing and changing but more and more teenagers find alternative ways of creating their style. As times changes, it is no longer not acceptable to shop in a charity shop, in fact a lot of young people find it


    This year the ACS Cobham International School student council has taken a large step in the direction of progress and change. After much tirelessly diligent work the Student Council has been able to finish editing the student government's new laws and


    When a person lives in a very small town all their life it is very hard to appreciate the conduct of such a place. Having lived the majority of my life in a very busy and big city, after moving to Caterham I was able to observe some very distinct differences


    The dreaded exam period is soon approaching and it is the time that has every student stressing out. Last minute note making, organising, flipping through notes or learning. Anything that can be done before the exam is sat. Exams seem to be the


    The NHS is synonymous with national pride and this country’s unique welfare state. It is often thought to be one of the aspects of modern Britain that we hold most highly, and indeed are most patriotic about. So it is to be expected that when scandals


      Every year millions of Londoners and tourists visit Richmond Park. Located in London it is a National Natural Reserve as well as a designated SSSI site and a European Special Area of Conservation. Its enormous size of 2500 acres has over 650 fellow

  • Where Do You See Yourself?

    Do you ever remember those days when you’d go visit an elderly relative? Be it your granny, your granddad, great aunt? They would have those little anecdotes that as a child you’d never understand but they’d stay with you for years? Like for me for

  • County Cricket Revival

    It has been well documented how in the recent past, county cricket has suffered in its interest and its amount of viewers in stadiums. However there may be a revival of county cricket, hopefully to the same standards as in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s


    Summer is almost here but first - unfortunately but inevitably - we all have exams to take. Even the most hardy of students fall prey to exam related stress, and it is easy to allow pressure, revision and grades to take a heavy toll on your well being


    Implemented in January 2013, the controlled parking zone has created mixed feelings amongst residents. According to Merton council, the zone followed ‘the receipt of petitions in favour of controlled parking’. Despite this, in 2011 only 28% of

  • Good Weather Takes Over Kingston

    Were you surprised by the good weather recently? It surely felt quite strange after the bitter cold and rain we’ve been facing for the past few months. It was even warm enough for people to wear short sleeves – something that would have been seen as


    16 year old Megan Taylor has been managing a potentially dangerous condition for over a year that causes her heart to stop up to 3 times per day. It has also led to the loss of almost all her hearing but despite this, she has said that it is “the best


    Throughout this academic year I have been part of Surbiton High School’s Social enterprise raising money and awareness for the Wings of Hope Charity.  Despite a somewhat shaky start, in which my original team may have been shut down due to the

  • Another Successful Year for Gumley?

    Another Successful Year for Gumley?   It’s that time of year again when Gumley put on their Broadway worthy school production. It only seems like yesterday it was closing night of the sold out performance of Guys and Dolls; which was a huge


    The Duke of Edinburgh award is an award given on completion of a series activities and challenges. The award has four sections; physical, skill, expedition and volunteering, all which challenge a person’s ability to be able to meet deadlines and gives


    The question which has intrigued me for a couple weeks now is whether local shops are being affected by large supermarket chains opening up in local areas. In Hampton a little Waitrose has recently opened up and so I investigated whether local

  • Do students really have a clue?

    With exams looming, everybody is focused purely on their exams and rightly so. However, a major question that needs to be asked is where is all this leading? The average A level student will be working on three or four subjects but it is probably fair

  • Are Extreme Sports Selfish?

    Extreme sports are activities which have high levels of danger for the participant, they usually involve speed, height or physical exertion and often require highly specialized equipment. Because of these high levels of risks, many people die every


    The Samsung galaxy range it thought to be the phone which takes over the Apple iPhone in the market, therefore in this article, I am going to be evaluating the pros and cons to both of the latest phones released by each manufacturer. The Samsung

  • Cute baby animals take gardeners by a storm

    Last week, my mother and I visited one of our most cherished places, Garcons farm in Esher. To those who haven’t heard of it, Garcons farm is a ‘pick it yourself ‘ farm selling both seasonal produce as well as local produce (like jams, honey and pickles


      It’s no secret that Surrey has a tendency to lean towards the political right, along with much of the rest of the South of England. My constituency, Esher and Walton, has consistently elected Tory MPs since 1997. However, the growth of

  • University, is it worth it?

    £9,000 a year to attend University - appears to be the norm nowadays doesn't it - but the value placed upon higher education is deteriorating. Many have suggested that it is a waste of money. Many have even suggested that the influence of a degree


    Pole-dancing is a rather unique sport. It requires its participants to be sexy but tasteful, disciplined but fun, physically fit but creative. To some it is an act fit only for late nights in shadowy, seedy night-clubs while to others it is a remarkable

  • Diversion Day

    I walked out of my house this morning and was greeted by a steady line of traffic, stationary and blocking the entire length of the road. My road is a small residential street with cars normally parked on both sides but today it is full of cars and

  • Caffeine, helpful or dangerous drug?

    Recently, I've started drinking coffee. I like it, and why wouldn't I? caffiene is a stimulant, it wakes you up, makes you more alert, and, coffee tastes nice. It is good for many things, and more than you'd expect, along with alertness and better

  • Night for Namibia

    On April 27th, 2013 the Namibia 2013 group hosted an amazing charity event called Night for Namibia. This event was located at the Burhill Golf Course in Walton-on-Thames. Rather surprisingly, this was not a half-hearted attempt at a charity scrounging


    Many young students are feeling the pressure as exams are just a few weeks away. Revising too much without breaks will drain your brain, even though exams are vital, it is important to take a Kit Kat and other methods of study breaks. Hopefully these

  • Nonsuch Gym&Dance Display

    On Wednesday the 23rd and Thursday the 24th of April, Nonsuch High School for Girls held their annual gym and dance display. This performance - available to anyone who purchases a ticket via the school, so mostly friends and family of participating

  • The Upcoming Summer Of Exams

    As the exam season draws ever closer, students become increasingly worried and stressed about the examinations, particularly those who have never taken any major public exams before. Many GCSE students have spoken about the prospect of facing these

  • Students Prepare for a Summer of Exams

    As the exam season draws ever closer, students become increasingly worried  and stressed about the examinations, particularly those who have never taken any major public exams before.  Many GCSE students have spoken about the prospect of facing these

  • The DofE Miracle

    The Duke of Edinburgh award has been known to make students ache, moan and ultimately never want to walk again, but this weekend it almost claimed a life. One boy whilst walking his route through the sunny British countryside, stepped out into


    It is difficult to believe that Croydon has not always looked the way it does, with shops on every corner and restaurants within walking distance of each other however, through the years Croydon has changed dramatically and as a result, has a lot of


    A man has been jailed for nine months for fraud which, over a period of three years, totalled up to £33,079. Mr. Clavin Micheal Clanford, 51, claimed council tax benefit from Spelthorne Borough Council and Income Support and Incapacity Benefit credits

  • Success for BOTH Tiffin Girls Young Enterprise Teams

    There was exciting news this week for the two Young Enterprise teams at Tiffin Girls School, as they both won a place in the Area Finals of the Young Enterprise Competition. The competition, taking place on Thursday, will see the ‘Team elite’ and team


    The totally organic supermarket ‘Whole Foods Market’ is due to open a huge new store in the heart of Richmond town centre this October. I caught up with some local residents to hear their views on its arrival and what it will bring to Richmond:

  • Fancy a pint anyone?

    Running a marathon is a challenging enough for most but one runner took it up a notch by wearing a Fuller's beer bottle costume. Mark Herbert, a drayman at Fuller's Chiswick Brewery, agreed to run the marathon wearing the costume to raise money for


    Facebook is a part of every day life for most of us, in fact it has recently been reported that Facebook now has over a billion users, that is approximately one seventh of the world's population. But are you giving away too much information, perhaps

  • Food Review: Zoran’s – Crown Road, Twickenham

    This is the café which forced me to abandon my self-imposed diet after only two hours. I should never have walked past it – I could have taken a number of different routes to get back to my house –most of which would have been shorter - but for some


    AFC Wimbledon shines through AFC Wimbledon secured their place in the Football League in an intense and emotional match against Fleetwood today. It was the last match of the season and Wimbledon had found themselves sitting in the relegation zone

  • Iron Man 3 Review

    Tony Stark has had a strange ride. First released in 2007 Marvel Studios was taking a huge risk. A relatively unknown character, played by a notoriously uninsurable, problematic actor and to round it all off it was the first step towards mammoth crossover

  • Summer Activites In Croydon

    The days are getting longer, and summer’s round the corner. As the end of term is approaching, some people will be planning their holidays abroad, but if you’re staying in Croydon, there are many things to do. There are a wide range of activities for

  • Charity, the new pick me up?

    "We only have what we give" Isabel Allende For some, giving charity is simply a part of life: almost routine. But giving charity and understanding why we give charity are fundamentally different things A study published in March of 2008


    For the second time in three years, AFC Wimbledon left it until the last game of their season to determine their fate and for the second time, the fairy-tale story of this local, fan run club continues. In the clubs 11 year existence, it has seen


    It has been just over a year since 'The Hounslow Chronicle' launched a ‘Clean Up Our Borough’ campaign. Since March 23rd 2012, the newspaper has been reporting who and what has been to blame for ‘grot spots across the borough’. Many councillors were


    You know when you’re feeling down, depressed and stressed? When you’ve had one of those days where nothing goes right? When no one can say or do anything that makes you feel better? When that little (or big) furry friend somehow by just sitting there

  • YOLO

    You Only Live Once. A common phrase misused by teenagers all over the country. For example, Teenager 1: “My goldfish died.” Teenager 2: “Well... YOLO!” It is used to the extent that the acronym no longer holds any meaning, such as LOL.

  • The Big Wide World

    So, in just over a week I, along with the rest of year 11, will not be a ‘waldy-girl’ any longer. We will be waving goodbye to the science block, our form rooms and the comfort we have grown to love from inside the stability of Waldegrave’s walls.


    It is that time of year again, the time of year when stress levels reach an all time high and the time when you are rushing and stressing and trying to get everything done and complete and trying to fit in as much revision as you can. Does that sound


    As always when we hit exam season the sun decides to come out and we are all left lolling around completely unable to focus on our oh-so-interesting textbooks and instead gaze longingly at the window for indefinite periods of time before abandoning

  • Legalise Gay Marriage- it's logic

    In April of 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to legalise gay marriage. Since then, the list of nations who have accepted the matrimony of same-sex couples in society has grown slowly but steadily, with New Zealand and France becoming


    Admittedly there are certain aspects of local newspapers which are laughable. Recent headlines proclaiming in loud shouting typeface about the proposed closure of local toilets being an 'outrage' or how our society could not possibly cope with

  • Ghosts of The Old Rectory seek a New Owner

    Living only five minutes away from the highly regarded Old Rectory house, I am excited that it is now on sale. Situated in the heart of Cheam village The Old Rectory is an idyllic, beautiful house. Put on the market for £1.6 million, I feel that this


    Having recently joined the ranks of the bespectacled, I’m starting to realise how much of a difference glasses make- to both your vision and your appearance. Over 84% of adults value their sight more than their other senses (Britain’s Eye Health in

  • Palace fail to secure play-off spot

    Crystal Palace’s fight for a play-off place will go down to the final day of the season after a goalless draw with south London rivals Millwall. Victory would have guaranteed Palace’s place in the top six but instead they must beat relegation-threatened

  • Sixth Form, or College?

    Many year 11 students welcome the change that college brings; a change of scenery and a chance to meet new people. While some sixteen year olds would prefer to stay at their secondary’s school’s sixth form. You don’t need to grow accustomed to an entirely


    A few months ago I read a book. But not just any book, oh no, this book changed my perception of life, of death, of love, of romance, of illness and of heartbreak. What was this book you ask, this book was the book that has taken the western world

  • It's nice to see you, to see you... nice!

    September arrives and the battle for who will claim our Saturday night screens begins. Enter the ring and watch the fight begin; in the red corner, we have the BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” and in the blue corner we have ITV’s “The X-Factor”. As they

  • Hacking-The nefarious nature of the web's criminals

    Hacking. The very word holds an air of severity and is commonly associated with the concept of wickedness and malevolence. There have been multitudes of incidents in the news today where multi-national corporations or institutions have had their systems

  • No Treat for a Tweet

    There are so many things that need doing. A mountain of homework piled high up to the ceiling; a room practically crying out for a good tidy-up; maybe even a house hinting that it needs a spring-clean. But what am I doing? I’m hunched over a laptop


    Spring? As you will have noticed the weather this year has not followed our average annual patterns; we have experienced an extremely cold spring this year. But just how much has this affected our community? One of the largest industries that

  • Poor Olde Harrow

    Since 1905 the grand mock-Tudor pub the Olde Harrow has stood in Weston Green Road. Once a place of drinking and laughter it now stands, after over 100 years, surrounded by a graffitied wall, its windows boarded up, empty and silent.   After

  • The ever-changing face of Wimbledon Village High Street

    A number of high profile journalists such as Mary Portas have already brought to our attention what is currently happening in front of our very eyes:  High Streets around the country are effectively dying. The local greengrocers and butchers have been


    Residents in the London Boroughs of Richmond and Hillingdon have been invited to vote on the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport.  A voting card has been posted to all those on the electoral roll of these boroughs which asks the questions ‘should

  • Mayor’s award success for Waldegrave School

    After a long year of working hard and partaking in numerous numbers of exams, the girls at Waldegrave School celebrated a record number of students receiving the gold Mayor’s award at a record breaking one hundred! The Mayor’s award consists of four

  • Coffee Review

    Although we can’t quite get the coffee shop standard at home, they are not being worth paying high street prices - in these days of austerity I thought it might be worth reviewing an instant coffee. So for all coffee lovers out there, there is

  • Eden street closes down again

    Eden Street is closing down the second time this year due to a fault in the sewage system. Extensive repair plans are being contemplated as the council try to deduce how the accident happened and how can they fix it. The previous incident happened


    Two Door Cinema Club performed live at Alexandra Palace and on Saturday 27th April 2013 my friends Emily Walford, Charlotte Ballard, and Marnie Hamilton and I went to see them. Here are their views on the gig.   Why did you want to go see Two


    Osterley Park has been a beloved treasure of our local community for several decades. Open to the public since 1951 and bestowed in that same year to the national trust corporation. It is currently one of the largest green spaces in west London. It


    The 27th of April at the Hobbayne centre in Hanwell  a local nursery held a table top sale both to raise money for the nursery as well as to allow people in the community to sell there unwanted items. They had exatly 10 tables and two others where


    Just two days ago, my strong views on the secure and safe environment of Turnpike Link were shattered. The precious and important code of safety and security was violated. An innocent man driving an ordinary car was abruptly stopped by three young

  • The worst factor of an urban lifestyle

    Commuting is one of the most common phenomenon of an urban lifestyle. We ourselves, as students commute every day to go to school. We commute by buses, trains, tubes, cars and even trams, but did you know that London has the longest commuter times


    As threats grow about the closure of four Accident and Emergency services in North West London, a rally of protesters marched 3.5 miles from Southall Park to Ealing Common on 27th April 2013 to demonstrate their resistance. Nearly two million people

  • Harry Potter: The Legacy Continues!

    When J.K. Rowling first got the idea of a boy wizard on a train journey, I don't think she ever imagined just how big the Harry Potter franchise would become. Seven best-selling novels, eight record-breaking movies, and a huge legacy that will undoubtedly

  • Tastes Just Like Home

    Recently attaining their long-awaited drivers licenses, many of the upperclassmen of ACS Cobham take advantage of the privilege of being able to drive off campus to enjoy a homely lunch. A recently popular destination is ‘At Home’, an appropriately

  • Summer Exams

    We all know the time of year, when the summer holidays approach yet they seem so far away, due to one factor: summer exams. They loom suspiciously in the background and you forget about them throughout the term, but as the summer term comes, the exams

  • What would i change about the 21st century?

    I’m fifteen and very much a child of the 21st century; I’ve grown up with iPhones, tamagotchis and Nintendo’s etc. I’ve witnessed first-hand how the technological age has developed and changed. So when my English teacher assigned us the task of writing

  • MMR Anxiety in Surrey

    Many towns in Surrey have been said to have the least amount of children vaccinated against the possibly life threatening disease, MMR. The original MMR controversy was centered around the publication of a research paper in the medical journal 'The


    Saturday the 27th of April, an ordinary day for many but for the National Trusts Ham House and Gardens it was perhaps quite the opposite. Saturday was the last day of filming Ham House hosted, a new film by the title of A Little Bit of Chaos directed

  • Mumblers

    The English Language. No other language is quite so beautifully crafted, so delicately spoken, so tremendously charming. It's a stupendously-sensational composed symphony. It’s the mind-blowing, baronial, boundless beat of a drum. The English language


    On Wednesday 26th April, the entire Sixth Form of St Philomena’s, Carshalton staged their very own take of The Marsden March. Colourfully attired in pink, pupils and staff alike took up their trainers and leaflets to march through Carshalton, all for

  • All good things must come to an end...

    `Summer Holidays! Can’t wait. ‘ Typical words like that are echoing around me from all the students in year 10 and below. Seems peculiar to contemplate that I was once in that exact state of naivety, even though, right now it seems like eons ago. 

  • Off to Kenya!

    Blenheim High School in Epsom are sending several of their sixth formers for a once in a lifetime trip, not to be forgotten! From the 24th July until the 10th August the school group will be travelling around Kenya immersing themselves in the vibrant


    The NHS bosses plan to close casualty departments in Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Ealing and Central Middlesex hospitals. Local people face the loss of four accident and emergency departments, at least four hundred acute beds within the borough and

  • Tiffin's Champion Gymnast Tumbles away with a Gold

    14 year old Hetty Hopkinson, from The Tiffin Girls’ School, Kingston-Upon-Thames, talks to me about her experience at the Kalon Ludvigson International Tumbling Competition in Salt Lake City, Utah in March. So Hetty, tell me about your latest


    After being named home to the largest mosque in Western Europe (The Baitul Futuh Mosque, Morden) and now also home to the oldest mosque in London (The Baitul Fazl Mosque, Southfields). The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association can now also proudly look back

  • The end is nigh

    The end of another school year is drawing ever closer and for many students this means their time in sixth form or college is nearing its end; for some with a sigh of relief and for others of deep sadness. It has been hard to ignore the fact

  • Online Shopping

    Nothing bears the endless scrolling, down page after page, as you ponder baout whether you will buy the dress before you, only to discover: they don't have your size. Or how about the thrill you experience after creating your fifth account with a company


    We all know what we want our future to hold but unfortunately reality is often far from one’s imagination. Sometimes we let complacency get the better of us, sometimes we simply aren’t good enough and sometimes, on the other hand, we surprise ourselves

  • Council saves Fairfield Halls

    This week saw Croydon Council buy a majority share hold in the Fairfield Halls and the London Mozart Players (LMP), securing their financial future and guaranteeing Croydon the security of one of the town’s cultural institutions, with the aim to develop


    On 26th March, 2013, Gumley house school hosted the annual poetry festival competition which was open to all Gumley students. The theme of the festival was ‘human truth’, and included a selection of poems by students of all ages addressing politics


    It’s a lovely Sunday morning as the proud parents escort their young boys to the Teddington Cricket Club, in the beautiful setting of Bushy Park . However, taking pride of place at the club this morning is a Girls cricket match. The local Under 15


    A planning development intended for Cocks Crescent, New Malden, has sparked recent controversy after changes to the initial plans were approved by the council - without public consultation.   Kingston Council’s Development Control Committee


    Needing only a victory to stay up, AFC Wimbledon secured their Football league status with a dramatic and entertaining 2-1 win against Fleetwood town. Wimbledon broke the deadlock via a thumping Gary Alexander header in the 61st minute, sending the

  • End of senior school?

    Or just the beginning. How do you perceive it? Now, for many, the transition from year 11 into sixth form or college may seem rather trivial but for me personally, it’s a big step. Just like the millions of other students around the world, I am


    Cancer Research UK are calling all children to suit up in their running outfits for Little Legs for Life. On June 8 at Esher Rugby Club, the children will walk or run as many 500m laps as they can manage, to raise money to help beat cancer.

  • Eden Street to close for the second time this year

    Eden Street will have to be closed again as extensive repairs get underway on two more broken sewer systems. The road was closed for over a week in February after a collapsed sewer was discovered. A Thames Water spokesman said the road may

  • Does Your School Affect Your Success?

    Earlier this week hundreds of parents nervously received their letters from local councils, notifying them as to what junior school their children will attend. It is a process that many dread, for fear of rejection from their favoured school. They

  • The Final Article

    So we have finally reached the final article of our eight month journey on the Young Journalist Scheme. It’s been a lot of hard-work and dedication, but we’re here. I was the only student in my year at school to enter the scheme and I’m possibly

  • The Brilliant Club

    Earlier this year, 26 students from Gumley House Convent School were selected to participate in The Brilliant Club, an award winning whose primary goal is to help widen the chances of achieving a place at a top university for pupils. The Brilliant

  • Weybridge continues to rally against Morrisons superstore

    Residents of Weybridge and the surrounding area are continuing their fight against the construction of a Morrisons supermarket in the currently vacant site on Monument Hill that once housed a branch of DIY chain ‘Focus’. The on-going battle against

  • Austrian band Astpai to rock Kingston

    Four piece Austrian band Astpai will be performing live in Kingston as part of their 45-day Europe tour this week. Manfred Herzog, Bernhard Hlavka, Marco Barbarits and Anton Straka will be taking to the stage to blast their version of punk rock

  • Our education needs to be dealt with!

    For many schools across England, a week full of tests, anxiety, and pressure is rapidly approaching to, once again, haunt its students. By this time, students are actively encouraged to study and revise. Yet for the majority, this process will not


    AFC Wimbledon secured their place in the Football League in an intense and emotional match against Fleetwood today. It was the last match of the season and Wimbledon had found themselves sitting in the relegation zone. It was an intense game, with


    I was walking past Ladbrokes the other day. I just thought to myself…why on earth do people walk into Ladbrokes? It’s obviously a gambling shop-there are many out there so I’m not specifically targeting Ladbrokes. I am targeting all gambling shops.

  • How to...Revise!!

     With exam season just over a week away many of our young people have been feeling the pressure. We all know the feeling – coursework is due in, exams are in a few days and all you want is a good night’s sleep! Whilst it may seem hard now we

  • Champions Dulwich Hamlet are loving the moment

    Dulwich Hamlet boss Gavin Rose has told his Ryman Division One South champions to enjoy the moment, because it may not come round again. The south London club were promoted to the Ryman Premier Division as champions on Saturday after a 1-1 draw


    If you're familiar with Stoneleigh station, whether it be waiting for a train to work or school in the morning or simply passing through it, then you might have noticed the recent building works. In fact all along the line towards London, there

  • Wallington wonder still delivers the Sutton Guardian at 81

    At 81 you would expect the borough's oldest paper girl to be considering retirement - but she has no intention of hanging up her paper bag just yet. The Sutton Guardian's most dedicated distributer Margaret Evans will celebrate 23 years as a delivery


    It began with us taking a journey into outer space with the other passengers on board – or so it seemed due to the talent of the actors and actresses of the Sutton Theatre Company.   Last Saturday I – along with a youth group called Soul Citizens

  • Diggers return to golf course at historic estate

    Heavy machinery began tearing up the ground at a historic estate near Leatherhead yesterday after a court ruled developers could start work to create an exclusive golf course. In March campaigners won an injunction to halt construction work as

  • Police search for man following mum and four-year-old

    Police are hunting a man spotted acting suspiciously near a four-year-old girl and her mother on Saturday. The woman, in her 30s, and her daughter were walking from Headley Close, Ewell, on to Chessington Road at 12.30pm when they noticed the man

  • Sutton war hero of Forgotten Army dies

    A hero of The Forgotten Army of the Second World War has died. William Simmonds, who fought the Japanese army at Kohima, died on April 14. A soldier in the Queen's Own Royal West Kent's, in April 1943 Simmonds fought 80,00 Japanese troops who

  • Cyclist and van crash near Norbiton station

    Police were directing traffic in Norbiton this morning following a crash between a van and a cyclist. The road traffic accident in Coombe Road, near Norbiton Avenue, happened at about 8.30am. Gavin Evans tweeted: “Horrendous cyclist/van crash

  • A Service Hounslow Cannot Do Without…

    28th April, 2013 By School Correspondent Chiara Jade Vedi Gumley House Convent School Hounslow Adult and Community education (HACE) affirms that it is “promoting high quality and accessible education opportunities to all members of the community

  • It's a dog's life!

    As the summer draws ever closer and the weather (gradually) improves, many people are making the huge decision about whether to buy a dog or not. I myself have recently become the proud owner of a male cockapoo named Ollie who is absolutely adorable

  • Woman faces rape accused in court

    A man accused of rape has appeared in court on the first day of his trial. Michael Blake, 37, who was living in Victoria Avenue in Surbiton at the time of his arrest, denies raping the woman in August last year. At Kingston Crown Court on Monday

  • Murder police seek black BMW

    Police have issued an appeal to trace a vehicle seen close to where four people were murdered in the French Alps last September. Saad Al-Hilli, 50, of Oaken Lane, Claygate, his wife Iqbal, 47, his mother-in-law Suhaila al-Allaf, 74, and French

  • Man jailed for brutal tram attack on Afghans in New Addington

    A man who along with six teenagers carried out a violent and frenzied attack on three men on a New Addington tram has been jailed for 12 months. Anthony Patton, 27, of no fixed address, was part of a group armed with sticks and poles who attacked

  • Youngsters run in pyjamas to help raise club funds

    Athletes in pyjamas took to the track last weekend to try and raise money for new equipment. Twenty five youngsters aged 3-14 from the athletics club of Olympic medallist Harry Aikines-Aryeetey raised more than £625 on Saturday, April 27. Sutton

  • Robins' survival battle scuppered by the narrowest of margins

    By James Barrett Carshalton Athletic boss Tommy Williams was left distraught after his Robins' valiant fight for Ryman Premier Division survival was scuppered by the smallest of margins. A pulsating run of five wins in six games had taken Williams's

  • Kingston Hospital wins foundation trust status

    Kingston Hospital has finally won its battle to become a foundation trust. The new status, announced by regulator Monitor today, gives the hospital greater independence from the NHS and the ability to borrow private capital to supplement its £200m

  • Mayor of Kingston lacks respect

    Sir/Madam As I understand the public office of Mayor it is strictly non-political and represents all of the people in the borough. The mayor's personal views are private and not public in the year of office because the high public office represents

  • Epsom Male Voice Choir membership hits record high

    Membership of a male voice choir has hit a record high after choirmaster Gareth Malone gave choral singing ‘street cred’ through his TV series. Epsom Male Voice Choir (EMVC), which rehearses in Ewell, now has 70 members, up from 60 last year, and

  • Councillor 'to be suspended' from planning committees

    A councillor filmed by undercover reporters speaking about his influence in development decisions has been recommended to be removed from Elmbridge Council planning committees. External investigators were called in after a video, filmed as part

  • Coronation Street stars defeated by Tolworth football team

    A Tolworth team beat a celebrity side featuring stars from Coronation Street and Casualty and former Arsenal footballer Ray Francis at a charity football match this weekend. The game, held in aid of Once Upon a Smile charity and the Corinthian

  • Charity walk trundling into Painshill Park

    People can step out for homelessness at a fundraising walk organised by Transform Housing and Support at Painshill Park. The walk will be suitable for the whole family and walkers can choose from two routes. The shorter accessible route will

  • WATCH: Sutton scouts annual St George's Day parade

    Sutton scouts held their annual St George’s Day display. Scout groups and explorer units joined together on Sunday, April 28, for a St George’s Day assembly in Manor Park, Sutton. They all set off for a parade through the town which

  • Public warned about toxic moths

    Residents are being warned not to touch a breed of caterpillar which is beginning to emerge in oak trees across the capital. The oak processionary moth pose a health risk because they have tiny, toxin-containing hairs which, on contact, can cause

  • Housing estates to benefit from multi-million pound investment

    Residents on housing estates across the borough are benefiting from multi-million pound investments in their homes and neighbourhoods. Among the projects which have been given the green light are a £720,000 scheme on the Ackroydon Estate, in Southfields

  • Competition urges youngsters to get into manufacturing

    Youngsters are being urged to take up engineering through a new competition. MP for Carshalton and Wallington Tom Brake launched the We Made It! competition last week which invites 11 -14 year olds to design a product they would like to see made

  • Photography competition winners announced

    A photograph of a silhouetted robin in a tree has scooped an award. Fifteen-year-old Mark Turner's photograph was voted the public's favourite at the Garden Wildlife Showcase at Wallington County Grammar School last week. The photography competition

  • Ewell morris men dance across City of London

    Morris men danced their way across the City of London to mark St George's Day last week. Ewell St Mary’s Morris Men danced 39 different dances in Leadenhall Market and other venues as part of their traditional tour of the City. The men then

  • Muslim youths raise money for Croydon charity

    More than eighty volunteers from a Muslim youth group took part in a charity challenge on Sunday. The South London Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) took part in the challenge in Milton Keynes which comprised of a 40km bike ride and a 10km

  • Wonders of Italian motoring coming to Brooklands

    Car enthusiasts will have the chance to revel in UK’s finest all-Italian motoring event Auto Italia. More than 1,000 Italian cars – from the fastest Ferrari to the most unassuming Fiat 500 – will fill Brooklands Museum’s grounds. All the great

  • Murder accused released five months after Kiwi's killing

    Police are appealing for information into the murder of a punk rocker after a man accused of the crime was released without charge. Steve Andrews, 46, was killed after a fight outside the Duke's Head, in Lower Richmond Road, Putney in the early