A Croydon primary school where pupils “work to be the best they can be” has been given Ofsted's highest rating.

Inspectors visited Chipstead Valley Primary School on May 15 and 16 and the report was published on June 21.

Chipstead Valley Primary School received the highest 'outstanding' rating across all areas: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and early years provision. 

Inspectors said: “This is a happy, caring and thoroughly inclusive school.”

This was evident in the way they saw how pupils play with their friends, including those in the specially resourced provision.

Inspectors wrote in their report that “pupils are proud of their school and their personal achievements” using the Charlotte Wicker award, given to pupils who work hard and demonstrate resilience and respect, as an example.

Ofsted said that pupils are “incredibly” well-behaved, and pupils work hard to be “the best they can be”.

They saw the relationships between pupils and staff to be kind and nurturing, and noticed that pupils are confident that they can share their concerns with teachers.

“This helps pupils feel safe,” Ofsted added.

Ofsted praised the school for the range of responsibilities that pupils have on offer.

Inspectors said: “Older pupils take pride in looking after the library and recommending books to their classmates.

“Pupils enjoy the wide range of enrichment activities on offer, such as choir, gardening, and football club.

“These opportunities help pupils to develop their talents and pursue their interests.”

Chipstead Valley Primary School received credit for its “ambitious curriculum” and the way leaders have “strong subject knowledge”.

They noted how teachers check what pupils know regularly and correct misconceptions quickly.

Reading at Chipstead Valley Primary School is given the “highest priority”, according to them.

Inspectors said: “Children are taught to read right from the start of their time in Reception.

“This is because leaders want pupils to read fluently and without delay.

“Pupils are given regular opportunities to visit the school library.

“They read widely and often and are read aloud to daily. 

“These experiences develop a love for reading.”

Ofsted were impressed by the attendance levels of Chipstead Valley Primary Academy and said that leaders’ have “appropriate actions in place to ensure that attendance remains high”.

Inspectors finished their reports by saying: “The directors and governors have the skills and knowledge required to fulfil their statutory duties.

“They have an accurate understanding of what the school is doing well.

“The school carefully considers staff well-being and workload.”

Headteacher Clare Rackham said: “We are delighted to have received the Outstanding judgement and that the inspection recognised our school as "a happy, caring and thoroughly inclusive" environment.

“I am so proud of our whole school community and am particularly pleased for our children, who throughout the process were recognised for their positive attitudes and commitment to our whole school values.

“We will always strive to be the best for our children and continue to build on our successes, ensuring that every pupil leaves our school as a confident, well-rounded individual ready to embrace future challenges and opportunities."