Croydon has the highest number of XL Bully dogs in the UK, according to new data.

The Spectator has created a map illustrating where XL Bully dogs are legally permitted, based on the number of approved exemption certificates.

The data, organised by postcode district, was obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

According to the data reported by The Spectator, Croydon’s CR0 postcode tops the list with 219 approved applications for XL Bully dogs.

This makes the CR0 postcode the area with the highest number of XL Bullies not only in Croydon but across the entire UK, ranking 1st out of 2,424 postcode districts.

The second-highest Croydon postcode on the list is CR4, which covers Mitcham and Beddington Corner.

CR4 was ranked in at number 117 with 75 approved applications of XL Bullies.

CR7, which covers Thornton Heath, was the third-highest Croydon postcode on the list.

CR7 came in at number 424 with 42 applications to keep XL Bullies approved.

The CR2 postcode was the fourth highest Croydon postcode which came in at number 551 with 36 XL Bullies applications approved.

CR2 covers South Croydon, Sanderstead, Selsdon, and Addington.

The fifth highest Croydon postcode with 30 approved applications and coming in at number 685 was CR8, which covers Purley and Kenley.

In England and Wales, it is a criminal offence to own or possess an XL Bully dog without a valid Certificate of Exemption.

It is also illegal to sell, abandon, or give away an XL Bully dog.

Letting it roam freely, breeding it or using it for breeding, or having it in public without a leash is also a criminal offence.