Seven Cheam nursery staff have skydived more than 13,000 feet in memory of their late manager.

Staff at Bright Horizons North Cheam Day Nursery and Preschool took to the skies on Saturday, April 13, and raised more than £4,000 to create a Bright Space in memory of their Nursery Manager, Sarah, who died in October 2023.

The skydive took place in Salisbury where colleagues Olivia, Abi, Rachel, Paige, Zaharah, Caitlin, and Yasmin bravely made the 13,500 feet jump for charity.

Yasmin, Deputy Manager at Bright Horizons North Cheam Day Nursery and Preschool said: “It was a great achievement for me and the team to do the jump in memory of our wonderful manager Sarah who sadly passed away.

“Sarah was involved with opening a Bright Space which provided a safe place for vulnerable children and families who needed support.

“We felt inspired by her and wanted to carry on raising money for an important cause and to carry on the creation of Bright Spaces which are so important to so many families.

“We feel so proud of ourselves that the money raised will be used to open a Bright Space located in a police station in London to help put children at ease, so they are able to give the best evidence possible against perpetrators of abuse.”

The Foundation is focused on improving the lives of vulnerable children and families experiencing crisis and disadvantage.

Its Bright Spaces are enriching play environments for children impacted by domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, parental imprisonment, and ill health, and are designed to help children heal from trauma through play.

In 2024, the Bright Horizons Foundation will open its 100th Bright Space in the UK to support vulnerable children.

To celebrate this milestone, the Foundation launched its 100 Your Way campaign, with a goal of raising £100,000.

The 100 Your Way campaign is for individuals to do one hundred of something.

This includes walking 100 miles, doing 100 laps of outdoor space, doing 100 press-ups, performing 100 acts of kindness, or even selling 100 cakes.

100 Your Way is a year-long, 100-themed fundraiser, in which individuals, teams, workplaces and communities commit to fundraise towards this £100,000 target.