Croydon shops have been fined for selling vapes and alcohol to under 18s.

Croydon Council’s trading standards service has again been working hard to keep the borough’s residents safe by bringing enforcement action against sales of unsafe and age-restricted products to young people under 18 – which can include knives, alcohol and vapes.

Waheguru International Ltd. in Central Parade, New Addington, was prosecuted at Croydon Magistrates Court on Monday, March 25.

The court heard that a total of almost 3,000 non-compliant and therefore potentially unsafe vapes were seized and destroyed after an initial visit by trading standards.

The company was given a warning and a product checklist and guidance about the legal requirements of vapes.

However, during the second visit, 671 illegal vapes were found.

The second visit and seizure led Croydon trading standards to bring a prosecution case against the company.

Waheguru International Ltd. was found guilty of four offences:

  • Offering for sale products without the required health warning displayed
  • Offering for sale products without the relevant GB (Great Britain) contact displayed
  • Offering for sale products with a higher concentration of nicotine than permitted
  • Offering for sale products with a larger than permitted volume of nicotine-containing liquid.

Magistrates issued a fine that totalled £7,075.

Croydon trading standards has also been working with volunteer teenagers to carry out test purchases in Croydon.

Two stores – the Spam Jalaram Convenience Store in Whitehorse Road and the Baltic Staff Food Store in London Road – sold age-restricted items during test purchases.

Spam Jalaram Convenience Store sold a Pineapple Ice Vape to a 15-year-old volunteer during a test purchasing exercise, despite relevant training courses on the sale of age-restricted products being offered to them before that.

Spam Jalaram was found guilty on February 26 at Croydon Magistrates Court for the sale of a vape to a person under 18 and sentenced to fines totalling £1,693.

Baltic Staff Food Store sold alcohol to an underage test purchaser.

On January 29, Croydon Magistrates Court found Baltic Staff Food Store guilty of selling alcohol to a child and imposed fines totalling £3,310.80.

The council will carry out further enforcement activities and provide licensing support and advice in local neighbourhoods during blitz clean-ups. 

Jason Perry, executive mayor of Croydon, said: “This again shows the good work of our trading standards team in protecting the public.

“I am determined to make Croydon a safer place for everyone, including our young people, and we will take enforcement action where necessary on sellers who flout the rules.

“We want retailers to work with us to protect young people and our trading standards team work closely with local businesses to ensure they are kept informed about the latest legislation.

“We hope that these prosecutions serve as a reminder to businesses to ensure they are fulfilling their legal duties and avoid putting our residents, including our young people, at risk.”