A couple have taken an unusual step by offering their two-bedroom Sutton flat as the prize in a £5 raffle.

Julian Thompson and his wife have grown tired of the “London scene”, so are giving people a chance to win their flat on the competition website Raffall.

The flat, valued at just under £300,000, has two bedrooms with a garage, and balcony, and 114 years left on the lease.

Your Local Guardian:

Julian said: “We've decided to offer our home of more than 10 years in this way for several reasons.

“I work with a lot of younger people, and I know how much difficulty they're having to get on to the property ladder in this area.

“It's different and it makes a change from the multi-million-pound houses usually offered in this sort of competition with hundreds of thousands of tickets having to be sold.

“Assuming we hit the target, we'll end up with 10 to 15 per cent more than if we sold it the traditional estate agent route.

“We couldn't think why people wouldn't want to risk a fiver for the chance to win a mortgage or a rent-free home and, finally, it’s better odds than the Lottery.”

Your Local Guardian:

The target is 80,000 tickets sold for the winner to receive the flat.

Julian added: “We’re just a married couple who having finished with the London scene have decided to let someone win our spacious two-bedroom apartment in Sutton for only £5.

“Our own future plans aren’t settled but we’re sure that we’ll make somebody very happy when they win what has been a wonderful home to us for over 10 years.”

If less than 80,000 tickets are sold, the winner gets 50 per cent of what was earned from ticket sales, the company gets 20 per cent and the rest goes to costs, with anything left over shared between the ticket buyers and organisers.

Your Local Guardian:

Raffall has been running these types of competitions for more than seven years.

The competition went live on Friday, March 15, and will end at 9pm on Thursday, July 4, which the couple are referring to as “Financial Independence Day” for the lucky winner.