A secondary school in Croydon continues to be rated good by Ofsted following its most recent inspection.

Orchard Park High School was last inspected on January 23 and 24, and the report was published on March 13, 2024.

Inspectors described the school as a place where the leaders have developed "an ambitious curriculum" and the pupils are "hardworking, articulate and motivated to learn."

Staff strive to give children “an exceptional education” and pupils receive a high quality of care.

There were found to be high expectations for pupils at Orchard Park High School.

Inspectors said that pupils have “very polite and welcoming” and that staff know all their pupils "very well."

Ofsted identified the strong sense of community in the school, where "pastoral support is extremely strong and, as a result, pupils are safe in school."

Leaders have created a "calm and orderly environment" and behaviour throughout the school is "exemplary."

Ofsted reported the wide range of extracurricular activities that students at Orchard Park High School take part in, such as sports, music, philosophy and coding clubs. 

The report also praised the school's "Adventures in London" programme, where pupils have the opportunity to visit a range of museums and historic and cultural landmarks.

In terms of student development, inspectors reported that pupils are "explicitly taught character traits expected of them" and that leaders ensure that pupils receive the experience in the "world of work."

Orchard Park High School was last inspected in September 2018 where they received a good rating.

Carly Moran, Headteacher of Orchard Park High School, said: "We are delighted with the outcome and the feedback in the report.

"I am so proud of the way our community responded to the inspection.

"I am particularly pleased that the inspection team noted that all children receive a high-quality education, including those with SEND, children consistently produce high-quality work across the school, personal development is a strength and behaviour is exemplary.

"‘Kind’ came through from various surveys and meeting groups over the two days: we are especially proud of that description. 

"The staff at Orchard Park are fantastic: they work hard for our students to give them the best school experience possible.

"In return, our young people are focused, polite, friendly and caring.

"Thank you, everyone, for being brilliant."