From the prestigious streets of Belmont Village with its character properties, to the delightful residential experience of Sutton Garden Suburb, these are the most popular roads to live on in Sutton, according to estate agents.

According to The Telegraph, Sutton is an area with "low property prices, low crime rate, natural areas, and convenient transport links" - making it a place where many decide to settle.

According to Phil Gulvin, senior branch manager of the independently owned and managed branch of Your Move, these are currently the most popular streets to buy homes in Sutton.

Phil Gulvin said: “Sutton is a wonderful place to live offering a diverse range of property for the first-time buyer to those looking for their dream detached family residence.

“Overall, we find that Sutton has much to offer any buyer, landlord or tenant and with three railway stations, highly regarded schools, low crime rates, green spaces, and a busy high street, we believe it is a great place to live.”

Brighton Road and Surrounding South Sutton

In the south of Sutton, Brighton Road is a hub for apartment living, offering a range of conversions and purpose-built developments.

As well as Brighton Road, several other streets in the area offer appealing flat choices.

Christchurch Park, Mulgrave Road, and Worcester Road are just a few examples of streets that boast attractive flats for potential residents to consider.

Another popular is Belmont Heights, which offers contemporary apartment living.

Newtown Area and Collingwood Road

For those seeking smaller houses, the Newtown area and Collingwood Road are favoured locations.

These areas offer two-to-three-bedroom houses, with the added advantage of being in close proximity to several nearby schools.

Newtown offers a delightful residential experience, combining comfortable living spaces with convenient access to educational facilities.

Central Sutton

North Sutton features larger houses, with Sutton Garden Suburb being a particularly sought-after location.

Its popularity is due to the presence of a local secondary school nearby, making it ideal for families with school-age children.

With schools such as Sutton Grammar School and Sutton Girls School nearby, these locations are especially desirable.

South Sutton

South Sutton is known for its range of townhouses and multi-million pound properties.

Roads such as Heath Drive, The Highway, and Chiltern Road offer luxurious living options.

Belmont Village

Belmont Village, within Sutton, is highly desirable for its character properties.

The Crescent, Kings Road, and Belmont Road showcase the charm and uniqueness of this neighbourhood.

Homebuyers seeking a touch of history and distinct architectural features will find Belmont Village an appealing choice.