A recent study revealed that Croydon is the unhappiest borough in the whole of south London.

A study was conducted by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) to see how happy people living in each borough in the UK were, and the ratings showed that Croydon was the unhappiest

Several factors can influence the perception of unhappiness in a given area.

These factors may include socioeconomic challenges, crime rates, limited community resources, and individual experiences.

However, beneath this gloomy reputation is a number of overlooked gems that make Croydon a great place to live.

From its rich cultural heritage to natural and scenic views, Croydon is a place that has several positive aspects.

Therefore, here is a list of eight great things about Croydon.

Oxygen Freejumping 

Your Local Guardian:


At Oxygen Freejumping in Croydon, you can enjoy a variety of activities in the air.

You can jump on 60 interconnected trampolines, play an exhilarating game of dodgeball, or slam-dunk basketball by bouncing high in the sky.

Oxygen Freejumping is at The Colonnades on Purley Way. 

It's open every day from 9am to 6pm. 


Fun House

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For more adult entertainment, this cocktail bar lives up to its name, with dancing, board games, beer pong, ping pong, and an adult ball pit.

As well as that, there are arcades, bingo, pizza, popcorn, table tennis, and music from the 1990s.

One Google reviewer said: “You get what it says on the tin, a house of fun. In addition to the adult-sized ball pit, there are multiple games including giant connect four, table tennis, pool, and beer (or a drink of your choice) pong. The staff and the service is amazing.

“Everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly but special shout out to Vincent the manager and Bradley, who makes a lovely cocktail.

“DJ arrives at 10pm and plays all the tunes. Very good and positive vibes here.”

The House of Fun is open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

It’s open from 10pm to 4am on Thursday, and 7pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday.


Wandle Park

Wandle Park is an 8.5-hectare popular town centre park.

It provides walkers with a number of recreational options, such as a creative play area, rose and community gardens, a trim trail, a skate park, a kids' play area, and a bandstand.

The park is gorgeously located next to the Wandle River.

Wandle Park is also near public transport since the park is serviced by the Wandle Park tram station.

The Wandle Park Community Garden is a welcoming initiative centred on planting flowers and food in the park.

The park comes alive in the summer with a variety of public events that unite the Croydon community in appreciation of the park's charms.


Traq Motor Racing

Traq Motor Racing is a go-karting race track in Croydon.

This is an activity that friends and families can enjoy, as children as young as five can participate in the fun.

The track is open from 11am to 4pm between Tuesday and Friday, and 10am to 4pm on weekends.


Croydon's Street Art

Your Local Guardian:

Croydon, which was the London Borough of Culture 2023, is home to a wide range of street art.

The street art in Croydon is not graffiti but pure creativity, some made by a Croydon Banksy.

There's a number of murals on George Street, also known as Croydon Art Quarters.

These creations bring colour to Croydon, brightening up the atmosphere.


Selhurst Park

Croydon is also home to a Premier League club in Crystal Palace. 

The Eagles have been in the English top flight, mixing it with some of the best players in the world, since 2013.



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Boxpark is Croydon's pop-up restaurant hub that serves a wide variety of food, from steaks to burgers, Argentinian to Taiwanese, and sweets to savouries.

There are even celebrity marks at Boxpark.

In 2023, YouTubers the Sidemen opened up their chicken restaurant Sides at Boxpark too. 

Boxpark is a great place for you to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with friends and families.


Exciting Escapes

Exciting Escapes is an Escape Room Experience at Grants Entertainment Centre.

For those who enjoy an exciting and immersive experience, then Exciting Escapes is a place to try.

One reviewer said that the experience was “creepy and definitely stretches the brain cells".

Exciting Escapes is open between 1pm and 10pm on weekdays, 10.30am to 10pm on Saturdays, and 10.30am to 8.30pm on Sundays.