Whether you’re popping in to do some shopping, head to a specific event or enjoy a meal, there are plenty of reasons to visit Sutton's town centre.

And if you’re driving, you’ll be looking for somewhere to park your car that will be price-friendly.

There are quite a few car parks around in Sutton so you’ll never have to walk too far to get where you’re going.

So we’ve rounded up the some of the cheapest places in Sutton where you can park. 

Cheam Station and Wallington Station

Although pricey during the week, the weekend prices at both Cheam Station and Wallington Station are fairly cheap.

For Cheam Station, the day rate for Saturday is £4.30, and a whole day on Sunday would cost just £2.60.

As for Wallington Station, a whole Saturday would cost £5.40, and Sunday would cost £2.60.

Stone Place

Stone Place is another cheap place to park, where parking is free for the first two hours.

The maximum stay is three hours, and the third hour costs £5.

These prices only apply between 8am and 5:30pm, meaning parking is free outside of these hours, and on Bank Holidays.

The California

The California on Brighton Road lets you pay £1 for an hour, £2 for two hours, and then £5 for a whole day.

Gibson Road Car Park 

One hour at Gibson Road Car Park costs £3, two hours costs £4, and four hours costs £5.

The evening price (between 6:30pm and 11:30pm) costs just £1.50.

The flat rate for Sundays from 9:30am to 6pm is only £2.

Times Square Shopping Centre

Parking at Times Square Shopping Centre for an hour would cost you £3, while four hours costs £5, and beyond that will cost you just £6.

An hour at Times Square Shopping Centre costs £3, two hours costs £4, and four hours costs £5.

Just like Gibson Road Car Park, the flat rate on Sundays is just £2.