A customer has accused a Sainsbury’s store in Sutton of promoting PRIME energy drinks to children.

Jaroslaw Kowalski was shopping at Sainsbury’s on 287a High Street when he noticed that in between drinks for kids was a stack of PRIME energy drinks.

Jaroslaw spoke to customer services where he says he was assured it was "most likely a mistake and that action would be taken".

When he returned for his next shopping trip, he claimed that no action had been taken and the drinks were still there.

Jaroslaw said: “I did speak to client services at Sainsbury’s, and I was assured it was probably an accident.

“When I went to go shopping there again two weeks later, it was still there, right between kids’ packed lunch drinks.

“It was clearly not sorted out after being told that someone from that section would sort it out.

“It was even promoted with a price drop.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson has said that the PRIME products have now been moved to a separate bay on the drinks aisle.

They also emphasised their strict ‘Think 25’ policy for all their energy drinks.

PRIME has been promoted by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul and skyrocketed in popularity in 2023.

Although Prime Energy is not recommended for under 18s, Jaroslaw said: “It’s marketed towards kids, even though it’s not a drink for kids.

Jaroslaw added: “It's marketed towards kids, even though it's not a drink for kids.

In an episode of the adult comedy cartoon South Park, the show creators took aim at KSI and Logan Paul for their alleged targeting of young audiences for commercial purposes.

The episode showed the characters attempting to distance themselves from these accusations.

Jaroslaw said: “Maybe it's not illegal, but highly unethical, to the point that even South Park made a special episode about PRIME, and how Logan Paul targets children and blames their parents.”

PRIME Energy drink is a caffeinated energy drink that contains large amounts of caffeine and is not recommended for anyone under 18.

Sales of the energy drink increased drastically in the UK in 2023, with many sales from retails and corner shops.