The Croydon regeneration project is speeding up, according to the government.

In the latest government report, they concluded that Croydon Council’s regeneration scheme “continues to improve and the pace of improvement has moved up a gear.”

The report from Tony McArdle, Chair of Croydon’s improvement and assurance panel, lists the positive financial changes since 2020.

Mr McArdle finds the council is making strong progress in several areas, despite the challenges the town is facing.

These include financial management, governance, and improving council homes - while managing rising costs and demand for services like caring for vulnerable children and adults.

The panel’s report highlights Executive Mayor of Croydon Jason Perry’s commitment to fixing the finances, and that he “has demonstrated resolution in taking difficult decisions in order to bring this about.”

It also notes that strong appointments to the council’s senior leadership team are making a positive difference to the organisation’s culture.  

Mr McArdle says that the council is at a “critical point” but he believes that the council “has the capacity and capability” to deliver the Exit Strategy.

The Exit Strategy is the panel’s plan to leave Croydon in a confident pathway of continuous improvement by 2025.

In his response, the Minister for Local Government, Simon Hoare MP, welcomed the panel’s findings and the accelerated pace of change at Croydon.

Executive Mayor of Croydon Jason Perry said: “This is an encouraging report from our improvement and assurance panel, and we welcome the Minister’s response.

“I am pleased that both have noted Croydon’s sustained progress in tackling our challenges, making our services more efficient, and the increased pace of change at our council.

“I also welcome the panel’s confidence in Croydon’s ability to deliver the Exit Strategy ahead of July 2025.

“While we have made strong progress, there is much more to be done and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

“As both the panel and the Minister note, Croydon’s challenges remain significant.

“The council is burdened with £1.6bn debt due to a legacy of serious, past mismanagement.

“Even with our progress, it is clear that Croydon needs a new solution from government if we are to become sustainable.

“We will be continuing our conversations with government in relation to a package of support that will enable us to keep moving forward, and deliver value for money for residents now and in the future.”