Escape the chaos of daily life and find solace in the serene woodlands, forests, and parks of Croydon.

Take the opportunity to unwind by taking a leisurely stroll through the picturesque areas of Croydon this year.

Whether you’re feeling like a peaceful winter walk, a solo exploration, or a delightful family outing, immersing yourself in nature guarantees an enjoyable experience regardless of the season.

We have made a list of the best places for you to take a walk in in Croydon in 2024.

Wandle Park

Wandle Park is an 8.5-hectare popular town centre park.

It provides walkers with a number of recreational options, such as a creative play area, rose and community gardens, a trim trail, a skate park, a kids' play area, and a bandstand.

The park is gorgeously located next to the Wandle River.

Wandle Park is conveniently located near public transport since the park is serviced by the Wandle Park tram station.

The Wandle Park Community Garden is a welcoming initiative centred on planting flowers and food in the park.

The park comes alive in the summer with a variety of public events that unite the Croydon community in appreciation of the park's charms.

Croham Hurst Woods

One of the most popular attractions in Croydon is Croham Hurst Woods, a breathtaking historic woodland located in South Croydon.

The woodland's steep slopes bas a wide variety of plant life, including birch, oak, hazel, and beech.

At the top of the hill, visitors can see rounded pebbles from an ancient geological era.

So while taking a walk through Croham Hurst Woods, you’ll be able to unwind while learning about the years that the forest has witnessed.

Farthing Downs

Next is Farthing Downs, a scenic open space located in Coulsdon.

Farthing Down is the largest remaining semi-natural downland area in Greater London, consisting of grasslands and pockets of ancient woodland.

The downs are home to a diverse range of rare herbs and wildflowers, making it a thrilling walk.

While you may encounter the typical wildlife of squirrels and ducks, you may also spot sheep and cows grazing the downs.

Visitors can enjoy walks through the downs and get a panoramic view of London’s skyline and the calm surroundings.

Addington Park

Addington Park, once part of the Manor of Addington and a hunting area for Henry VIII, is now a great place to lose yourself in nature.

Addington Park is nothing but simple.

The Addington Park route takes you through Foxes Wood, Pine Wood, Addington Hills Park, Heathfield, Bramley Bank, and Shirley Heath.

This is a wonderful retreat in a bustling urban centre.

Dogs are also welcome on the route.

Addington Park is a wonderful place for a tranquil walk or a hike with the family without any technology or electronics needed.

Lloyd Park

Next on the list is Lloyd Park, 114 acres of serene nature.

Lloyd Park offers you grasslands, playing fields, a children's playground, and various sports amenities such as rugby and football pitches, hard court tennis, and an open-air gymnasium.

The park also has a pond, disc golf course, and cross-country courses for outdoor enthusiasts.

It hosts events and festivals like the Croydon Summer Festival and the Croydon Town and Country Show.

Additionally, Lloyd Park is home to the Lloyd parkrun and Lloyd junior parkrun, providing opportunities for free, timed runs for both adults and children.

But Lloyd Park is overall a great place for a brisk or leisurely walk in Croydon.