A recent poll has said that Croydon is one of the most depressing places to live in the United Kingdom.

A review site, iLiveHere.com, recently highlighted four London neighbourhoods as some of the UK's most depressing places to live, with Croydon being one of them.

Users voted for the places they felt were the most depressing places to live, and, of 153 places, four London areas were included - Orpington, Hounslow, Shoreditch, and Croydon.

Croydon residents criticised the town for its depressing high street and constant delays of the long-awaited Westfield shopping centre.

However, beneath this gloomy reputation is a number of hidden gems that make Croydon an underrated town.

From its rich cultural heritage to natural and scenic views, Croydon is a place that has several positive aspects that have been overlooked by many.

Therefore, we at Your Local Guardian have made a list of four great things about Croydon.

Wandle Park

Wandle Park is a popular town centre park spanning 8.5 hectares.

It offers a wide range of recreational opportunities for visitors, including an innovative play area, community and rose gardens, a trim trail, a skate park, a children's playground, and a bandstand.

The park is beautifully situated along the banks of the River Wandle. Wandle Park is easily accessible by public transport, with the Wandle Park tram stop serving the park.

The park features the Wandle Park Community Garden, a friendly project focused on growing food and flowers.

During the summer, the park comes alive with a number of public events that bring the Croydon community together to enjoy the pleasantness of the park.

Croydon Airport

Although often overlooked by many, Croydon has a rich history as it was once the only town in the UK that welcomed international visitors.

Croydon Airport was the only international airport in the UK in between both world wars.

It closed in 1959 but has a museum named after it. Croydon Airport Visitor Centre is a small museum in a historic air traffic control tower featuring aviation models and displays.

At this museum, people can see how Croydon was a crucial place for thousands of individuals and showcases its history.

Boxpark Croydon

Boxpark Croydon stands out as a top destination in Croydon offering a unique shopping and dining experience through its use of refitted shipping containers.

It’s located near East Croydon station, making Boxpark Croydon easily accessible and a popular choice for locals and visitors alike.

Boxpark has a two-story structure with 96 shipping containers and a well-designed and spacious market hall with 24,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

There are 36 dedicated shop units at Boxpark Croydon, which offer a wide range of cuisines, including street food, typical favourites, and international dishes.

The park also features a covered seating area for year-round comfort.

Finally, there’s many entertainment provided by Boxpark, such as music performances, kickboxing events, film screenings, and live sports screenings.

Croham Hurst Woods

Over in South Croydon lies Croham Hurst Woods, a stunning ancient woodland and one of the top attractions in Croydon.

The woodland has a diverse range of plant life, such as oak, hazel, beech, and birch, across its steep slopes.

At the hill's peak, visitors can observe rounded pebbles from an ancient geological era.

Croham Hurst Woods also has a rich historical background, with evidence from the Bronze Age found there.

Croham Hurst Woods explores nature, with its natural beauty and historical standing.