Amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, walks in woodlands, forests, and parks can be a great place to calm down.

So why not take a tranquil stroll down the beautiful and scenic areas in Sutton this year?

Whether it’s a chilling winter walk, a solo stroll, or a day out with the family, escaping to nature is a perfect way to ensure a fun time, no matter when.

Therefore, we’ve made a list of the best places to take a walk in Sutton in 2024.

Beddington Park

Beddington Park, covering 58 hectares, is a beautiful place for a calm and serene walk in nature.

At Beddington Park, there are woodland areas with a wide range of trees and meadows, as well as habitats.

On top of that, there’s a lake, flower gardens, and a natural wildlife pond.

The River Wandle Trail runs through the park, allowing you to explore and walk along the river, and ends in the lake at the Grange Garden.

There’s also a newly enlarged children’s playground, and they carry out a range of activities and events.

There's something for all with beautiful woodland walks and wildlife, formal gardens, a lake, a newly enlarged children's playground, and a range of activities and events. 

The Grove Park

The Grove Park is another tranquil place to take a stroll.

With an ornamental park near the ponds and a recreation ground to the east, it’s a great place to lose yourself in nature.

In medieval times, Grove Park was part of the grounds of Stone Court Manor House.

Grove Park is also home to a lot of wildlife, including ducks, geese, birds, squirrels, and the occasional rat scurrying across the water.

While Beddington Park leads to the end of the River Wandle Trail, Grove Park shows the start of the River Wandle Trail, which leads to a scenic cascade waterfall.

Oaks Park

The Oaks has a rich history, as it was once the home of the founder of the Epsom Derby.

The stables, bakehouse, and a few of the formal gardens still stand, but the mansion was destroyed in the 1950s due to extremely poor maintenance.

It has developed into a stunning country park with mature trees as a home for a number of wildlife, wildflower-filled chalk grassland meadows, and a new café.

Dogs are welcome in the park, and there is a dog-free area for picnics and natural play for kids and families.

Nonsuch Park

Last on our list is Nonsuch Park.

This park, home to the Nonsuch Mansion, is just like every other walk mentioned on this list.

There are scenic views, gardens, and a lake that is home to a swarm of dragonflies in the summer.

The long fields make any spot a perfect place for a family picnic, and the Nonsuch Mansion is a place to learn about the history of the park and the Palace that once stood there.