The Department for Education has recently released new data that presents the progress of schools across the country.

This data includes a score for each school, indicating the amount of progress made by pupils between key stage two and key stage four, in comparison to pupils with similar results across England.

A positive score reflects above-average progress, while a negative score indicates below-average progress.

It should be noted that a negative progress score does not imply any progress or failure on the part of the school.

Rather, it signifies that the pupils in that particular school made less progress compared to their counterparts with similar results in key stage two across England.

We have compiled a list of secondary schools in Croydon, along with their respective results.

Well Above Average:

Coloma Convent Girls’ School: 0.79

Orchard Park High School: 0.51

Riddlesdown Collegiate: 0.5

Above Average:

Coombe Wood School: 0.39

Woodcote High School: 0.23


Harris Invictus Academy Croydon: 0.19

Norbury High School: 0.15

The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy: 0.14

St Mary’s Catholic High School: 0.01

Thomas More Catholic School: 0.01

Archbishop’s Tenison’s CofE High School: -0.01

Harris Academy Purley: -0.06

Harris City Academy Crystal Palace: -0.11

Oasis Academy Coulsdon: -0.11

Shirley High School Performing Arts College: -0.17

St Joseph’s College: -0.22

Below Average:

Oasis Academy Shirley Park: -0.23

Meridian High School: -0.41

Well Below Average:

Oasis Academy Arena: -0.54

The Quest Academy: -0.56