Several restaurants and cafes in Sutton were given a rating of one in their hygiene rating from the Food Standard Agency in 2023.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is an independent government agency in the United Kingdom responsible for ensuring that food is safe to eat and meets the necessary standards of quality.

Its main role is to protect public health related to food and maintain consumer confidence in the food industry.

A part of this is the Food Hygiene Rating, where the body assesses and rates the hygiene standards of food businesses. 

The Food Hygiene Rating uses a six-point ranking system, with 5 being "very good", 4 being "good", 3 being "generally satisfactory", 2 where "some improvement is necessary", 1 where "major improvement is necessary", and 0 is when "urgent improvement is required".

In 2023, eight establishments received a one rating, so we have compiled a list of the restaurants and cafes that the FSA described as “major improvement is necessary" in Sutton.

Ayrra Express, 39 Wrythe Lane – inspected September 7, 2023.

Sutton Green Café, 347 High Street – inspected December 6, 2023

Cod Bay, 171 Stafford Road – inspected November 23, 2023

Tasha’s Tearoom, 48 High Street – inspected November 16, 2023

Rack and Bone, 8, Regent Parade – inspected November 7, 2023

We did not hear back when we approached these restaurants for comment.

Little Nyonya, Westmead Road – inspected December 4, 2023

Taste of Ceylon, 47 Stafford Road – inspected July 13, 2023

These restaurants did not wish to comment.

Cox Pippin Café, 32 Wallington Square – inspected August 11, 2023

A spokesperson for Cox Pippin Café said: “Our report had had nothing to do with the hygiene of the food.

“The only thing we were lacking was the folder for the freezer where the temperatures hadn’t been filled in.”