The Department for Education has recently published updated information regarding the performance of schools nationwide.

This data includes a score assigned to each school, which indicates the level of progress made by students from the end of key stage two to the end of key stage four.

This progress is compared to students across England who achieved similar results at the end of key stage two.

A positive score signifies that, on average, students at a particular school have made more progress, whilst a negative score indicates that students at the school have made less progress.

It's important to note that a negative progress score does not imply that students have made no progress or that the school has failed.

Rather, it suggests that students at the school have made less progress compared to their peers across England who attained similar results at the end of key stage two.

We have compiled a list of secondary schools in Sutton along with their respective results.

This list reveals the schools where students have made more progress in comparison to the national average.

Well above average:

Wilson’s School – 1.33

Harris Academy Sutton – 1.1

Nonsuch High School for Girls – 1.1

Wallington High School for Girls – 0.93

Sutton Grammar School – 0.82

Wallington County Grammar School – 0.81

Glenthorne High School – 0.75

Greenshaw High School – 0.63

St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls – 0.61

Carshalton High School for Girls – 0.46


Cheam High School: – 0.12

Carshalton Boys Sports College: – 0

Oaks Park High School: -0.02

The John Fisher School: -0.03

Overton Grange School: -0.09