As we head into 2024, many visitors to Sutton may be on the hunt for new and old activities, attractions and exhibitions to try.

So, we have compiled a list of four fun things to do this year if you are looking to try something new and exciting.


Omniplex Cinemas

This is a somewhat new experience in Sutton having opened at the end of 2023.

Omniplex Cinema Sutton is a modern, nine-screen cinema in Sutton showing the latest movies.

Omniplex Cinema Group had acquired the old Empire Cinema in Sutton at the St Nicholas Shopping Centre.

Reviewers have described their experience as “enjoyable” and “worth the money”. 


Whitehall Historic House

This house museum is thought to have been built around the late 1400s or early 1500s.

For decades, it has been a favourite part of Sutton for residents and visitors alike. 

Whitehall Historic House is a great place for history fans to step into the Tudor, Stuart and Georgian periods.

Located on 1 Malden Road, reviewers have described it as “a fascinating museum - and free entry too” and a “stroll through time".


Honeywood Museum

Another museum to visit is Honeywood Museum on Honeywood Walk.

This museum showcases the intricate details and exhibits from the reign of Edward VII, as well as information on the house and its previous residents.

As well as giving an insight to the more modern history, Honeywood Museum hosts events that stretch all the way back to the Roman Empire.

Content visitors have described their time at the museum as “a day in history".

The museum also overlooks Carshalton Ponds, adding to its charming scenery if you choose to have afternoon tea there as well.


Escape From The Room

For a more fast-paced and energetic activity, then Escape From The Room at 23 Merrow Road is a great choice.

Escape from the Room offers an engaging and thrilling experience for families and friends to enjoy.

Visitors can engage in the pursuit of solving puzzles and unravelling mysteries within the immersive escape room.

In addition, families can also indulge in the shared enjoyment of board games, fostering quality time and amusement.

A happy TripAdvisor customer said: “Amazing service and great fun.

“Let us in as soon as we got there and staff were helpful as we completed the escape room.”