With 2024 only days away, it’s time to look forward to the new things coming to Sutton from the Council’s 2023 regeneration plan.

Sutton Council’s regeneration plans kicked off this year and will bring exciting things next year.

The £500 million scheme promises to redevelop parts of the existing St Nicholas shopping centre, Civic Offices, Gibson Road car park and the vacant Secombe Theatre.

One of the places that will open in 2024 is Throwley Yard.

Throwley Yard is a new cultural venue which will include an independent cinema set in a former nightclub.

The Throwley Yard will include a rooftop bar and wellness centre, and will give 24-hour access to the Sutton Oru Space, which was completed in 2023 as part of this regeneration.

It is set to open in February 2024.

Sutton Council is also regenerating St Nicholas Centre in the Civic Centre redevelopment.

The regeneration hopes to bring a new civic centre with a shared front door for public services.

As well as that, it will bring a new library to Sutton for students to study at.

New space for new restaurants are also expected arrive in 2024 as per the council’s objectives to create a vibrant and sustainable town centre, with better food and shopping experiences, and flexible working spaces.