Sutton is one of the most expensive places to buy petrol from, a recent study has revealed.

The 2023 Fuel Price Report by Cromwell Trucks ranks areas that have the highest and lowest petrol prices per litre, revealing the most expensive and cheapest areas to get fuel.

In the report, it was revealed that Sutton is the fourth most expensive area to buy petrol from, with it costing 149.1p per litre.

Sutton has a population of approximately 209,600 people, making demand for petrol high in that borough.

Sutton comes after the Isle of Man with 149.9p per litre, despite its population being significantly less than Sutton’s.

They are followed by East Central London with 149.4p per litre.

They also come second for the most expensive diesel prices at 150.2p per litre.

Third comes Lerwick with a population of just 7,500 and a petrol price of 149.2p per litre.

They also top the list for diesel prices with 151.1p per litre.

And the town to follow Sutton is Kirkwall in Scotland with a total 149.0p per litre.

Meanwhile, Belfast, Torquay, Cleveland, and Sunderland remain the cheapest.