A fox trapped in a metal gate at a house in South London has been freed.

The adult fox was discovered on Sunday, November 19, by a resident at a property on Sutton Common Road before it was freed by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

The video below shows the fox trying to free himself but failing.


The animal got stuck when its head and front end got wedged in between the gates.

It tried to break free but ended up trapping its back leg in the curl of the gate.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Louis Horton attended the address and assessed the urgent situation.

He was able to acquire some cutting equipment with which he cut the fox free with the householder’s permission, using a towel to protect the animal.

The fox was uninjured and ran off back into the wild through the back garden of the property.

Louis said: “This poor fox was absolutely wedged in by both his front and back end.

“His body ended up being bent in a U shape between the metal bars and while he was uninjured there was some blood on the floor where he had been scratching with his claws.”

“I covered the fox’s head with a towel and used protective equipment to cut him free and he ran off largely unscathed, so it was a good outcome.

“The householder found him at around six o’clock in the morning and it looks like he’d been trapped for several hours, so he was very distressed.

“Although, I’ve seen foxes getting trapped in gates like this before it is rare, usually it is the various forms of netting put up in gardens that are a real problem for them.”