Carshalton's rich history manifests eerily with apparitions in local schools, pubs, hospitals, and homes.

Stories say that the village of Carshalton undergoes an eerie transformation at night. lists some of the spooky ghost sightings and stories in the area.

From the haunted houses to scary streets of Sutton, ancient residents linger in the shadows, especially around Halloween.

Here are three haunted places in Carshalton and their stories:

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St Philomena’s

St Philomena’s is a Catholic girls school in Carshalton House.

The manor, now used as a school, was believed to have been built in the late 1600s for Edward Carlton.

The mansion has seen some tragic encounters, said to claim the lives of a Taxman and Royal Messenger on its staircase.

One boarding school student said they’ve seen a Grey Lady, and many have claimed the same.

Other stories claim that the dumb waiter, which has always been locked, would strangely stir at night.

The dormitory’s dumb waiter, always locked, would ominously stir during the night.

Lastly, a ghostly Nun is believed to dwell the 300-year-old Water Tower, casting an everlasting gaze onto the streets from its heights.


The Greyhound

There’s a tale of a frozen traveller haunting The Greyhound, an ancient pub on the London to Brighton Road.

Despite only being officially recorded in 1706, it is believed the inn could have been around before that by 200 years.

Legend has it, a traveller cloaked in a long overcoat froze to death on the pub's doorstep in the 1800s.

Early in the morning, the ghost of the unfortunate soul is said to appear with a grey face and shivering.


War Memorial Hospital

The War Memorial Hospital was built in 1924 and overlooks Carshalton Park.

It was built to replace a smaller hospital which was in Rochester Road, down by Carshalton station.

In the 2000s, a nurse reported seeing a ghost of a nurse by the window.

The nurse said: “I saw an apparition of a nurse in a long dress standing by the window.

“It was dusk.

“It frightened me and I ran down the stairs and out the building only to think I must see someone.

“I went back into the ward downstairs which was still open at the time and talked to the nurse on duty who said it was a regular occurrence for the night nurses to see ghosts there.”