It’s that time of the year again when the leaves turn orange, and the pumpkins are bought and carved.

As we enter spooky season, we’ve rounded up the most haunted locations in Croydon, according to

If you’re planning on going to these places this Halloween, then buckle up for a frightening experience.

Who knows what eerie encounters await you at these locations.

Baker Boy Lane, Selsdon Wood

The unremarkable Baker Boy Lane in Selsdon Wood isn’t as quaint as it sounds.

It earned its name from a gruesome accident back in the 1700s.

The story goes that a young baker's assistant was wandering through the forest at night and was suddenly killed at the hands of a woodsman who was lurking in the woods.

Stories of a ghost resembling a baker boy wandering this lane alone have been told throughout the centuries since.

Some walkers have reported hearing the whispering of “Can you please come out to play? Please can you come with us to play?”

Croydon Minister

Croydon Minster is believed to have been established by the Saxons and remains the most prominent church of the borough; so much so that it is still involved in many of Croydon's institutions to this day.

In 1867, a devastating fire wrecked the church and destroyed the tomb of Bishop Gilbert Sheldon.

His spirit, a grey figure, was said to have wandered the church grounds in misery around 5.45pm - the time he died.

This is said to have happened for 93 years until his tomb was restored in 1960.

However while his spirit has diminished, different reports suggest that the ghost of churchgoer Elizabeth Finch is still around.

Finch outlived all her young children and there are claims that she’s spotted in the church premises.

The Purley Arms Pub 

The Purley Arms Pub playfully uses the tale of George the Ghost for its promotion, but the true story is anything but playful.

The story goes that George met an unfortunate fate in 1830 when a beer barrel mishap took his life.

Since then, he has allegedly haunted the pub, often being blamed for quirky occurrences like beer pump and jukebox malfunctions.

Over the years, tales of George's mischievous antics spread, captivating the attention of patrons and paranormal enthusiasts alike.

Selsdon Park Hotel

Selsdon Park Hotel was once the Bishop of Rochester’s country home.

In 1924, it was transformed into a hotel and a golf club.

In the last 99 years, there have been several reports of ominous sightings.

A grey lady carrying a candle, allegedly a maid seduced by Basil Sanderson, the hotel owner's son, is said to pass through its walls.

The story goes that she is looking for Sanderson for the love he showed her.

The old Croydon Airport

The old Croydon Airport was the only international airport in the UK between World War One and World War Two.

The airport was home to many historical moments, including being the place of origin for the distress call “Mayday".

Sadly, the airport also saw its fair share of tragedies.

In 1936, a Dutch plane ran off the runway in thick fog and crashed into a house, killing the pilot and the other 14 passengers.

In 1947, three nuns also died in a plane crash. 

Since then, there have been several reports of these ghosts haunting the area, warning others about the foggy conditions.