As the summer season draws to a close, dining spots and bars in Sutton are basking in the glow of positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

Here’s a list of the top-rated bars and dining spots in Sutton.

  1. Clink Restaurant

Topping our list is this British restaurant on High Down Lane.

Of 509 reviews on TripAdvisor, 399 have dubbed it as “Excellent.”

Reviews were glowing with several mentions of the lunch being delicious, the staff being kind and the service being impeccable.

One reviewer said: “Everything was perfectly cooked, beautifully presented and absolutely delicious - absolutely top restaurant quality and taste.

"Desserts were fab too - crème caramel, chocolate and cherries and the treacle tart and toasted pineapple gelato - again all perfect, the pineapple gelato was particularly special.”

Another reviewer said: “The bar was the highlight. The drinks were superb and reasonably priced. Loved every drink, and drink remix!”

Those mouth-watering reviews are a few of hundreds that emphasise the popularity of this restaurant.


  1. Cricket Lounge

Next on the list is this Indian restaurant located on 603-605 London Road.

Your Local Guardian:

116 reviews on TripAdvisor and 105 have called it excellent.

Many reviewers called the restaurant “the best Indian restaurant in Sutton”.

One reviewer said: “Nothing like most other Indian restaurants,” proving its uniqueness.

Several more agreed with the freshness of the food and the attentive service.


  1. Casa Nostra

The themes return to Europe with this Italian venue at 8 Mulgrave Road.

With a total of 781 reviews, 556 dubbed it excellent.

This restaurant and bar has been called a “hidden gem” by several reviewers.

Reviews were full with appreciation for the staff’s friendliness and the bar’s atmosphere.

Reviewers went on to advise people who want to check this place out to book, emphasising its popularity.


  1. Number One Thai Restaurant

The themes hit back into Asia with this Thai restaurant on 1 Cheam Road.

369 reviews in all and 248 say it is excellent.

Many of the reviews are in name of the drinks served as well as the authenticity of the food.

One reviewer said: “This place truly lives up to its name.”

Another commented: “The food is spicy, and the drinks are fresh.2

Furthermore, this dining spot has been appreciated for its “cosy setting” and “warm atmosphere”.


  1. Spaghetti Tree

It’s back to the Italian theme with this place for brunch and drinks on Brighton Road.

260 of 422 TripAdvisor reviews call it excellent.

One reviewer said: “Every meal was delicious and had I stayed longer I would have tried everything on the menu. The portion sizes are just right. The wine selection was very good.”

Another reviewer said: “The drinks were lush. Really recommend for anyone who wants a night of lush drinks!”

Besides from the drinks, Spaghetti Tree has been appreciated for its amazing atmosphere and top choice for brunch in Sutton.


  1. Sushi Tama

Returning to the Asian theme, this Japanese restaurant at 21 Station Road has a small total of reviews but a lot of positive ones.

86 out of 93 TripAdvisor reviews call the restaurant excellent, with the remaining calling it very good.

One reviewer said: “The sushi is the best in the UK!”

Another said: “The sushi here is amazing! Deffo recommend!”

This restaurant has garnered well-deserved acclaim for its sushi, earning the opinions of being the best in the UK.


  1. Shinner and Sudtone

The themes are coming back home for this British pub on 67 High Street.

A typical old British pub that has been called “The best pub in Sutton” on TripAdvisor.

One person said: “This is the best place to hang out, watch football, sing Sweet Caroline, and drink!”

Another regular said: “The atmosphere there never dies. The lager does flow any day of the week!”

In addition to the drinks there, the pub has been liked for its delicious British Sunday roast as well as its great service.


  1. Village Charcoal Grill

Number eight on our list is Village Charcoal Grill on 50-52 High Street.

This place has been praised mostly for its polite staff and impeccable service.

One customer said: The team at charcoal grill, especially Mes, were really helpful in catering to my allergies!”

Another said: “Fabulous grilled Turkish food, good prices, and friendly staff.”


  1. Everest Spice Nepalese and Indian Restaurant

The penultimate thing on our list is this, once more, Indian restaurant on 7 Cheam Road.

Of 165 reviews, 142 reviewed the restaurant as Excellent.

One person, in a humorous rhyme, called it: “The best curry in Surrey.”

Reviews glowed with many talking about the authentic food and great service and the beverages.

One said: “Great staff, great service, great food, great drinks!”


  1. TAS Restaurant

Ending our list is this Middle Eastern-themed restaurant on 555 London Road.

Your Local Guardian:

162 reviews praise the restaurant for its delicious Turkish cuisine.

Somebody who went there this summer said: "Very nice restaurant and food was excellent the service was very quick considering we were a party of 20 for lunch.

"The set menu was only £12.50 and very good value.

"Friendly atmosphere and staff and waiter Mustifa was really helpful and friendly."

Another said: “Food was absolutely delicious - nice and hot, well cooked.

"Amazing and friendly staff! The food is on point and was very happy to return! The Cicik is very tasty and the Taragon Chicken.”