A woman has been found guilty of murder after stabbing her partner following an argument.

Blaze Wallace, 28, of Mullins Path, SW14, was found guilty of the murder of 34-year-old Samuel Mayo, after a trial which concluded today (June 22) at Kingston Crown Court, and is due to be sentenced in August.

During the trial, the jury heard details on the relationship between Wallace and Mayo, which according to the Met Police was “volatile” and “drug fuelled.”

On July 18 last year at around 6pm the pair were reportedly seen arguing close to Mortlake train station.

The argument was said to have continued after the pair returned home, resulting in Samuel gathering belongings to leave the flat the pair shared in Mullins Path.

However, Wallace picked up a kitchen knife and proceeded to chase Samuel through the streets.

CCTV was able to track their journey, showing Samuel walking, unaware that Wallace was following his route.

At 9.45pm Wallace caught up with Samuel as he walked along Lower Mortlake Road, where police say a further argument appears to have taken place.

Wallace stabbed Samuel once, killing him. 

Wallace left the scene by foot, walking towards her address, while Samuel was aided by passers-by.

The scene was attended by officers from Met Police and paramedics from London Ambulance Service.

Your Local Guardian: Samuel MayoSamuel Mayo (Image: Met Police)

Officers attended Wallace’s address to inform her of the death, where they discovered her acting erratically.

Wallace was arrested on suspicion of murder and detectives began to investigate the night’s events.

CCTV evidence showed Wallace following Samuel, wearing a long cardigan and concealing a knife in her right pocket.

The cardigan was uncovered during a search of their flat, and further forensic analysis revealed Samuel’s blood on the sleeve.

Officers also found kitchen knives, with only one having been recently cleaned.

The forensic pathologist who examined the knife confirmed it was consistent with the type used to stab Samuel.

Wallace was subsequently charged with Samuel’s murder and having been found guilty is due to be sentenced at Kingston Crown Court on August 4.

Detective Inspector Nicola Collins, from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command, said: “Blaze Wallace set out that evening armed with a knife and clearly with the intention of causing Samuel Mayo serious injury.

“Shortly after she caught up with Samuel she stabbed and killed him before turning and walking away.

“This is a tragic incident that has left Samuel’s family devastated.

“Wallace has been convicted of his murder, but that will offer little comfort to them as they continue to deal with the loss of their loved one.”