Jason Perry has won the borough's historic Mayoral election with 38,612 votes, making him the first-ever directly elected Mayor of Croydon.

The results for the election of the first-ever directly elected Mayor of Croydon 2022 came in overnight.

Jason Perry, a Conservative Party candidate, won with 38,612 votes, followed closely by Val Shawcross for Labour who received 38,023 votes.

Jason received 34.83 per cent of first-choice votes, with Val receiving 32.68 per cent.

As nobody received 50 per cent or more of first preference votes, second preference was counted to determine who will become mayor.

While Val received more second preference votes (6671) compared to Jason (5199), the overall total meant that the Conservative candidate took the lead.

The elected mayor will replace the former cabinet system, where councillors selected their own leader from their parties.

The results of the Mayoral election were announced at 4.47am this morning.

Croydon’s Mayoral elections saw long delays overnight during the count, which has also pushed back the local election count until tomorrow.

Croydon Council tweeted: “At the request of candidates and agents we’ve been asked to start the count for the local elections at 6pm today and continue on Sunday at 1pm.

“Thanks to our host for accommodating us and our hard-working count staff.”