The newly elected councillors for the wards in Sutton have been announced.

The Liberal Democrats Sutton gained 29 seats whereas The Conservative party came in second, winning 20 seats.

A total of 55 seats across 20 wards were contested in Sutton.

Local councillors are elected for four-year terms by those living in the local community to represent the views of the area.

They are responsible for a wide range of issues from transport, council tax, rubbish collection, planning applications, and managing mental health services.

Suttons elected councillors and the wards they represent are listed below.


- Beddington’s elected councillors

Tim Foster – Independent

Jillian Ann Green - Independent

Nick Mattey - Independent


- Belmont’s elected councillors

Neil Garratt – Conservative Party

David Hicks – Conservative Party

Jane Pascoe – Conservative Party


- Carshalton Central’s elected councillors

Isabel Araujo - Liberal Democrats

Andrew William Jenner - Liberal Democrats

Jake Michael Short - Liberal Democrats


- Carshalton South and Clockhouse’s elected councillors

Moira Butt - Conservative Party

Tim Crowley - Conservative Party

Amy Beth Haldane - Liberal Democrats


- Cheam’s elected councillors

Eric Allen - Conservative Party

Tony Shields - Conservative Party

Vanessa Udall - Conservative Party


- Hackbridge’s elected councillors

Dave Tchil - Labour Party

Sheldon Henry Barrie Vestey - Labour Party


- North Cheam’s elected councillors

Mike Dwyer - Conservative Party

James McDermott-Hill - Conservative Party

Param Nandha - Conservative Party


- South Beddington and Roundshaw’s elected councillors

Edward Timothy Joyce - Liberal Democrats

Patrick Magnus - Conservative Party

Jonathan Pearce - Conservative Party


- St Helier East’s elected councillors

Paul Jeremy Cole - Liberal Democrats

Gemma Amy Munday - Liberal Democrats


- St Helier West elected councillors

Steve Alvarez - Conservative Party

Sheila Anne Berry - Labour Party

Wendy Clark - Conservative Party


- Stonecot’s elected councillors

Rob Beck - Liberal Democrats

Cumar Saha - Liberal Democrats


- Sutton Central’s elected councillors

David Dario Bartolucci - Liberal Democrats

Cryss Mennaceur - Liberal Democrats

Edward John Parsley - Liberal Democrats


- Sutton North’s elected councillors

Sam James Cumber - Liberal Democrats

Ruth Carole Dombey - Liberal Democrats

Bryony Lindsay-Charlton - Conservative Party


- Sutton South’s elected councillors

Richard Francis Clifton - Liberal Democrats         

Trish Fivey - Liberal Democrats 

Louise Kathryn Phelan - Liberal Democrats


- Sutton West and East Cheam elected councillors

Qasim Esak - Liberal Democrats

Luke Taylor - Liberal Democrats

Christopher Malcolm Woolmer - Liberal Democrats


- The Wrythe’s elected councillors

Bobby Warren Dean - Liberal Democrats

Patrick Ogbonna - Liberal Democrats

Colin Henry Stears - Liberal Democrats


- Wallington North’s elected councillors

Sunita Gordon - Liberal Democrats

Marian James - Liberal Democrats

Barry Robert Lewis - Liberal Democrats


- Wallington South’s elected councillors

Sam Martin - Liberal Democrats

Jayne Louise McCoy - Liberal Democrats

Muhammad Izhar Sadiq - Liberal Democrats


- Worchester Park North’s elected councillors

Tom Drummond - Conservative Party

Joe Quick - Conservative Party


- Worchester Park South’s elected councillors

Martina Allen - Conservative Party

Peter Geiringer - Conservative Party