Sutton Women's Centre has successfully expanded its space for women suffering from domestic abuse.

The centre which offers a range of services- aims to improve the life chances of Sutton women.

With the help of a fundraising campaign, the £45k extension was welcomed by community leaders who presented the launch last week.

The extension will provide women with additional counselling, skill classes and employment help.

And has allowed room for an improved foodbank for those waiting on Universal Credit.

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The centre which helps around 950 women from just one of their many programmes, has seen positive results with over 30 years of work.

Your Local Guardian:

One person, who would like to remain anonymous, said: "Sutton Women's Centre has changed my life.

"I first got involved with the centre after being a victim of a vicious assault at the hands of a man who I believed loved me.

"I was in shock, my heart was broken, and my face and my body were full of bruises cuts and stitches.

"My face was literally shattered.

" I felt awful and looked awful, my head was a mess and I was scared.

"I have made lifelong friends with some of the women, I have lost weight and my health is improving.

"My anxiety and depression are under control, I don’t recognise myself sometimes.

"My family are happy and look forward to a bright future.”

A spokesperson for the Chair of Trustees said:

"We are hugely grateful for the support we have had from the community, that has meant we have been able to extend our premises.

"This is an investment, not just in Sutton Women's Centre, but in all the local women and families we support.

"Last year, 158 women who have experienced domestic abuse used our free counselling service.

"Having the extension means that we can offer counselling to an extra 30 women a week.

"We know that one of the impacts of lockdown has been an increase in levels of domestic abuse.

"Now more than ever women need support and help to recover from abuse.

"So they can start to rebuild their lives and the lives of their children."

Sutton's Women's Centre would like to thank; Sutton Giving, Bernard Sunley Foundation, Sutton Vineyard Church, Viridor, Councillor Jean Crossby and community members who helped fund the extension.

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