The Go Bus Service will no longer return to Sutton, TFL has announced.

The Go Sutton bus pilot began in May 2019 and was an on-demand scheme which picked up and dropped off residents to destinations in the borough.

Residents and key workers within the borough have considered the bus a 'lifeline' as transport links in Sutton are not as strong as the rest of London.

GoSutton operates in central Sutton - from St. Helier Hospital in the north to Belmont station in the south, Cheam in the west and Wallington/Beddington in the east.

Before the outbreak, Transport for London had confirmed it was looking to extend the year-long trial which ended on May 27.

Due to Covid-19, the trial which was set to extend for another three months was stopped until further notice.

The news saw several councillors and thousands of residents express their upset with many launching petitions to prevent the suspension of the trial.

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Michael Hurwitz, TfL’s Director of Innovation, said: “We have decided to end our demand responsive bus trials in Ealing and Sutton.

"It is clear that we will not be able to resume them in the way we envisaged at the beginning of the project.

"We will look at the data we have been able to collect and use it to inform how we develop transport services in the future.

"During the current crisis, we would encourage everyone to avoid public transport."