An NHS worker from North Cheam has launched a petition to bring back the GO Sutton bus service after its trial extension was put to a halt in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Juliana Chapman, 42, is petitioning for the temporary bus service to continue as several key workers from St Helier are still in need of transport.

The 42-year-old, who suffers from epilepsy, started the petition after depending on the service to get to her job at St Helier each day, as her condition prevents her from using her car.

Before the outbreak, Transport for London had confirmed it was looking to extend the year-long trial which ended last week on May 27.

However, in response to the pandemic, the trial which was set to extend for another three months, has been stopped until further notice.

Juliana Chapman is calling for Transport for London to continue the service, with measures such as a booking system for key workers to be put in place.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian on why the service is important, Juliana said: “I have epilepsy and cannot drive at the moment, using a normal bus would take me two buses and an hour to get to work after dropping my kids to school.

“I depend on this bus service I pay for to get around.

“I do understand that they cannot have drivers sitting around waiting for a job at this sort of time.

“However, they could have the elderly, the key workers and vulnerable people pre-book their journeys so it could all be planned out better.

“I have to work, as we are short-staffed, and our patients are vulnerable.

“To ensure their service delivery and medication admin continues.”

A spokesperson for Transport for London said: “Given the ongoing national emergency, we have decided to suspend these trials.

“Our clear message to Londoners is not to travel unless you are a critical worker.

"Our focus is on our traditional transport network, which is currently the most suited to helping them get around.

“Along with our partners, we are looking at how staff and vehicles could support the wider response to the outbreak.”

If you would like to support the petition visit at