I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly smelt rich tomato sauce and melting cheese swirling around the office.

Then I turned around to see my boss carrying eight pizza boxes.

As somebody who only ever eats Nando’s and biscuits on a Thursday in the office, I was delighted by the delivery of pizzas we received from Berberè Pizzeria in Kentish Town.

The eight pizzas we had were smoked margherita, norma, Italian sausage, spicy sausage, falafel, spinach, cheese with mushrooms and truffle, and Parma ham.

The smoked Margherita, though sounding basic, was tangy and tasty and the bay leaves went perfectly with it, and the Italian sausage had a little bit of a spice kick to it, which was just what I needed for a Thursday afternoon.  

To be entirely honest, I wasn’t sure what type of pizza I was eating the first slice round, but each of them was bursting with flavour – even the vegetarian ones!

As well as the pizzas themselves, we were treated with crust dippers: spicy sausage and honey sauce.

The spiciness and sweetness complimented each other beautifully, and they added to the taste of the already delicious pizzas.

My personal favourite was definitely the spicy sausage, but overall, I loved every slice and each dipping.

The only pizza I didn't eat was the falafel one only because I'm not a fan of vegan food, but my colleague George said: "I loved the falafel pizza, it seemed an odd combination at first and I was sceptical as I'd never seen it done before and falafel can be extremely dry, but I was pleasantly surprised.

"The garlic flavour was delicious and I would buy it again." 

Obviously, we couldn’t eat eight pizzas in one lunchtime, so they were left out on the table for the rest of the day, and even when they were cold, they didn’t lose their flavours.

Overall, pizza from Berberè Pizzeria was a wonderful change from my usual Thursday lunches, and if you’re looking for authentic Italian pizza then this is the place you must try.

You can try them at Kentish Town like we did or at their Clapham branch.