By Louise Deegan, Merton Labour election candidate for Wimbledon Park ward

The Conservatives have clearly become complacent in taking local support for granted and expecting to be re-elected regardless of their inaction on critical local issues.

After nearly ten years of Tory Party dominance they have made no progress on rebuilding Wimbledon Park Hall or getting a lift installed in the tube station.

When making decisions between 2006-10, they also failed to take forward the expansion of Wimbledon Park Primary School.

Now they support Government changes to the NHS which are damaging Wimbledon Park's local health services: reducing the amount that GPs can spend on patients' hospital treatment by, on average, 20 per cent.

I am determined to change this attitude and to work more effectively for the people of Wimbledon Park.

I will listen to and act on local concerns through the holding of regular surgeries and weekly canvassing sessions so that all residents can get their voices heard.

My original pledge to Wimbledon Park residents includes two key commitments regarding the rebuilding of Wimbledon Park Hall and the installation of a lift in Wimbledon Park Underground Station.

The proposals to rebuild Wimbledon Park Hall have been dragging for almost 10 years now.

This is simply not acceptable. It is clear that local residents need a modern, central community facility which will serve everybody in the community.

This is a project that I have already spoken to the Merton cabinet about. It has given me its full support.

As a councillor I will prioritise seeing the rebuilding project through to completion for the benefit of our local community.

The campaign to ensure that there are lift facilities in Wimbledon Park tube station is another key priority of mine.

It is essential that parents with pushchairs and local residents with mobility issues can use Wimbledon Park station in a comfortable and efficient way.

Making Wimbledon Park Station more accessible will also clearly benefit local businesses.

Getting this lift in place will be a challenge. But it is achievable with a local representative who is determined and fully committed to delivering on this vital enhancement of local transport services.

The Wimbledon Park ward by-election is on Thursday, May 3.

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