Severe weather warnings remain in place after up to 10 cm of snow fell over large parts of South London.

The Met Office has issued an orange alert, warning people to be prepared for travel delays and difficulties after the snow fall on Saturday February 4.

Southern Rail is warning passengers to expect disruption and forecasting services could be delayed by about 30 minutes.

Weather predictions state the snow should clear on during Sunday morning but clear skies will lead to icy patches forming.

The Met Office state: “The public are advised to take extra care and that the ice and snow is likely to lead to travel disruption.”

The Highways Agency is also urging drivers to take extra precautions.

A warning states: “Drivers are advised to pay particular care at locations where local conditions such as gradients, bends or overhanging trees could create an increased risk of ice. It is still necessary to drive with care, even after road surfaces have been treated with salt.

“If you do have to travel, listen to travel bulletins on the radio and take a severe weather emergency kit including warm clothes, food, water, boots, a torch and spade for snow.”

Cold weather is expected to continue into next week though no more snow is forecast for the next five days.

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