I live in Lyndhurst Road, Thornton Heath.

We have been having the gas pipes from the street in to our houses replaced for the past few weeks.

This road is always congested and very hard to park in. I often do my shopping later at night and when I come back there is rarely anywhere to park.

Now if that nightmare isn't bad enough, why has the road been taken over by huge potholes almost all the way down the road by Morrison's contractors of British Gas?

Since they have started, it has got worse and I am now finding that even when I come home from work I sometimes cannot get a parking space.

I have been telephoning different numbers.

I called Transco and it said Southern gas was responsible.

I called Southern Gas and was put through to customer services who told me it was Transco.

I called Transco who again said it was Southern Gas, so I called Southern Gas and they said they didn't know anything about it, but they would call me back.

I am still waiting.

All I want is the road to be filled up so I can try to park in my own road without having to unload my shopping from another street or at least a telephone number where someone will talk to you and tell you what is happening.

Thornton Heath