Washing up, Ironing your clothes and sweeping your room are chores that are associated with today's society. Should us children spend time doing chores when GCSE's have got twice as harder?

Since the GCSE's have gone twice as hard, the number of children doing household chores in the UK has decreased dramatically. However, by doing household chores it can help us succeed in the future. As chores make us organised as a person as you will need to schedule your day to day routine. This particular skill is vital for you as future employees are expecting this from you.

By doing household chores you become hardworking, learn new skills and learn to be responsible. Children should be required to do this household chores as it creates habitats that can be used in the school environment or even when you become a parent yourself.  As a child, we are given easy chores that can be done without any assistance. If you can not compleat the basic chores that are provided to you now, what are you going to do in the future when you have your own family, social life and home to take care of.   From a parent's perspective, they question themselves if the struggle and the ongoing battle is worth it. For parents there no advantage of us doing our chores as they already know how to do it themselves. They just want to help ou in the future.  Carshalton High School For Girls  Krishaana Krishnarajan