One of the most iconic Prince tunes that rocked the world, and helped change the history of music forever. Though April is the season of Easter eggs, spring and new life, April is also unfortunately the month of Prince’s death, who tragically died on April 21st 2016 in his estate Paisley Park, due to an accidental opioid overdose … a death that sent millions of fans into mourning across the globe.

 His songs touched the hearts and souls of countless audiences throughout the world, past, present and future, and will continue to be treasured, like his memory.

 Prince was born, breed and died in Minnesota, his hometown he loved and declared he would “never leave” as “it’s so cold it keeps all the bad people out”. Minnesota is also infamously notorious for it’s long, frigid winters, which leads to the appropriate title “Sometime it’s snows in April”.

However, for the past two Aprils that Prince has sadly deceased, it has also snowed in London in April. Just last week rounders sporting match at Notre Dame Senior School in Cobham were cancelled due to the unusual weather conditions for this time of year – or let’s face it any time of the year for England.

 Could this possibly allude to Prince’s death? Could Prince secretly be sending us a message?

The answers to these questions remain disputed, and will do for a very long time – or at least until a Whoppie Goldeberg-esque clarvoyance connects to Princes spirit in the hopes of finding out answers?

By Munia Zaki