There has been little banter over the past couple of days that has not revolved around Brazil’s capitulation in the semi-final of the World Cup.

As I watched the drama unfold I felt cruelly voyeuristic, as if I was watching a fall from grace that should have been kept behind closed doors, away from prying eyes.

The second half was better than the first – it could not have been worse – and that may be something to do with Ramires’ introduction for the green and rotten Hulk.

Then Willian came on for the “ridiculously awful, how are you a footballer let alone in the Brazilian team, you earn shed-loads for that?” Fred, and the Chelsea stamp on the game was complete.

While Blues fans can take pride from their players’ semi-final showing – of course, not forgetting Andre Schurrle’s brace and date in the final on Sunday – let’s not forget an ex-Bridge star who stood out for more reasons than one.

It has been a roller-coaster of a World Cup for David Luiz, who will be performing his Sideshow Bob act at Paris Saint Germain next season.

He’s a player that divides opinion, can be superb one minute and diabolical the next. Unfortunately for Luiz, he was diabolical on the night that mattered.

But I really like the guy.

He has passion, he has a buccaneering streak that makes you smile, his goal celebrations are either choreographed for hours in advance or should be, and you cannot deny he has great hair – but he looks like he enjoys playing football, and I like that.

I was sorry to see him leave the Bridge, but Jose Mourinho was not convinced, and that was borne out in the World Cup semi-final.

And who are we to question the special one’s decision? He’s made so many good calls and the £40m he got is testimony to that, but Jose, oh Jose, could you not have kept Luiz and roll him out when we start taking life too seriously?

We all need the occasional sideshow act to relax the uptight Premier League.