AFC Wimbledon coach Simon Bassey says he is not looking forward to the FA Cup clash with MK Dons.

Bassey, who has supported the Dons from 1986 and played in the first ever AFC Wimbledon side in 2002, also understands why fans may not want to go to the game and support the team.

Rarely has a second round clash in the FA Cup attracted such huge media interest.

The Dons' replay against York City on Monday night was broadcast live on ESPN, and Sky Sports and BBC Radio FiveLive were also at the game.

The MK Dons' replay against Cambridge City was live on FiveLive, and the Wimbledon Guardian chief reporter Omar Oakes was on Sky Sports this morning.

But the excitement surrouding the game is not reaching Bassey. He said: "This is not a game I am looking forward to, and any Dons fans know the emotions connected with the game will not be looking forward to it.

"It is difficult to get excited about it, but we will approach the game professionally and how any football club should."

He added: "I can understand 100 per cent any fans who do not want to go the game. But everyone is different and they have to make their own decision about it."