Eastern Electrics is over for another year and what a day it was with fun for all the adults.

The festival, the UK’s premier underground electronic extravaganza, moved from Hatfield House to Morden Park in London this year and did not disappoint- even the rain managed to stay away from about 2pm.

Morden Park was a great location, with lots of room to roam about and enjoy everything on offer- delicious food, an adult playground, superb performances, and lots of booze.

Your Local Guardian:

Would you dare get on it?

Your Local Guardian:


Music- Special mention for the amazing sets from Carl Cox, Steve Lawler, Ninetyone, Terry Farley, and DJ Pierre. Great variation on offer, Switchyard was funk-tastic.

Location- Morden Park was a great choice, green, spacious and good for sound

Atmosphere- Super, most people happy and there for fun and music


Length of the queues for drinks- more bars and more bar staff if possible next year.

The toilets- regular not V.I.P- resembled Glastonbury day four.

Wristband system where you have to top up is good and bad- good for quick interactions at the bar but means you have to go back to top up and will most likely lose money unless you remember to get back your balance.

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Glitter fun 

However, the balance tipped much more in the favour of the festival- great vibes, great music and definitely worth a return.

Check out our gallery for pics to tempt you for next year.